Streaming from the workshop #2

Streaming from the workshop #2

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Environmental Benefits of Home Composting

Home composting can be a major contributor in addressing some of the waste management problems that are common in many countries today. An increased uptake of home composting will radically alter the ineffective and harmful ways we dispose of organic kitchen and garden wastage, while the finished compost can become a major factor in improving soil health, and at the same time reduce the amount of chemical products used in the garden.

The Clothes Airer – Every Home Should Have One

Having clean dry clothes to change into is one of our most basic needs. Today with energy costs soaring and natural resources dwindling we all must look to natural sustainable services…

Future Proof Your Home – Buy a Clothes Airer

The clothes airer or drying rack is a product that somehow transcends time. It comes from the early days when clothes were hand washed and put through a wringer. On good drying days clothes would be hung outside on the washing line…

Your Clothes Airer – Not an Imaginary Friend

Your clothes airer is there on the wall or standing on the floor whenever you need it. Ideal for those wintry dark nights when the weather is too bad for drying outdoors. The clothes airer maintains your independence from the tyranny of the energy hungry tumble dryer…

Green Myths Busted!

So many articles and blogs out there (and ours is JUST one of them) claim this or that, well now we put our two sense in about GREEN myths! Almost every single GREEN list tells you that 55MPG is the magic number, by by most estimates this is simply incorrect.

Tips for Living Green

Going green can mean many different things to many people, but all of us can do a little to help our environment. With all our problems in today’s society, we sometimes forget about environmental issues which are all around us. Here are a few tips for green living that you can apply to your daily routine.

Renewable Free Energy From Nature

Energy is an important part of progress. And we do not have look elsewhere when we need some boost for our power supply.

Living Environment Friendly Within Your Rental Household

Going green is not as easy in a rented house or apartment, as it would be in a house you own, but there is still a lot you can do. If you’re all about living green, you can do it no matter where you are – and this article can show you how. Use Energy better. This will help the environment AND help your wallet! The best changes you can make here are CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) and reducing vampire power usage. CFLs last longer and need only a fraction of the power, compared with incandescent lights. The more lights in your house you replace, the better of you (and the planet) will be.

Bamboo Bedding Is Like Sleeping On Silk

One of the best things about bamboo bedding is the more you wash them the softer they get. Since bamboo is a natural fiber, it’s properties are anti bacterial, hypo allerginic, and chemical free. So if you have allergies you will love bamboo bedding. There is something that doesn’t like bamboo; bed bugs.

Price of Solar Panels – Things to Consider Before Getting a Quote

Solar panels are a big investment – the price is similar to that of a small car. This is a list of important questions to ask before or whilst getting a quote.

Concrete Washout – Keeping the Environment Clean

When you are doing construction you might want to be sure to take care of the environment. A concrete washout can keep you from polluting the environment while keeping your site tidy.

5 Tips To Transform Your Home Into A Green Home

Everyone is talking about going green. Here are five superb tips that would transform your home into a green home.

Green Usage of Plastic Containers

What is more hip than to go green these days? As the earth is suffering from the global warming, more and more people are getting concerned in avoiding their participation in piling up the unrecyclable goods in the landfills. So yes, it is more than just being hip and green. It is a need that has to be addressed quickly.

Rain Barrels – A Household’s Way Of Helping Save Mother Earth

Using a rain barrel and water clean toxin-free air can help keep the water clean, we have drinking water. Rain barrels are strategically placed corner of the roof and the downspout. Drain into a barrel and projected supply of abundant water to irrigate gardens and lawns.

Top Ten Reasons to Put Solar Panels on Your Home

In case you haven’t heard about the fantastic ways solar panels benefit your home, wallet and mankind, we thought we’d put together a list of the top ten ways they do all of the above: Show your kids you care: What better way to show your kids how much you care than to invest in their future? Investing in photovoltaics (or PV) is investing in a greener tomorrow.

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