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What Is A Cyber Security Analyst? A Brief Introduction To The People Who Keep Your Company IT Safe

We live in a world today where the internet and technology is ever more central to our lives, both at work and at home. The line between work and home-life is blurring for many, and it has become almost the norm to take work home to finish or to work from home for a certain part of the week.

Scrum Transitions (Make It Sustainable!)

More and more organizations are move to agile but how sustainable is their transformation? For a scrum transition to last it must be sustainable.

A Complete Overview Of Cable Joints

Cable joints are important in connecting power cables and allowing current to be transmitted easily. Because of the many purposes, that electricity serves in factories or our home places, these cables may come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. For this reason, the joints used in the connections may come in different varieties as well, depending on the intended purpose of the connection.

Cable Jointing Requirements: Design And Personal Requirements

Development of an optimized cable jointing system is recommended highly. Nevertheless, it is important to find quality joints with a proven underground jointing system within the voltage range of up to 3300V using aluminium or copper conductors of up to 630 millimetres square XLPE insulated cable, PVC sheathed armoured cable, and PVC unarmoured or PVC insulated cables. The polyurethane resin compound seeks to give the cast resin cable joints excellent mechanical and electrical properties which do not permit ingress of moisture.

How to Use Surface Pro for Taking a Screenshot

Surface pro, a part of the Surface series of tablets launched by Microsoft has been rated high in terms of performance as well as battery life. Powered by Intel Ivy Bridge CPU and operating on Windows 8 software, the Surface pro tablets are a huge hit amongst the users. After all, who wouldn’t want a feature packed gadget to simplify their day to day tasks?

Tracking Online Usage. Much Ado About Nothing?

Tracking online usage is not the same as stealing data. It’s the latter you should worry about.

Cost Cutting And A Safer Workplace – The Use Of Industrial Manipulators

Providing a safe working environment with excellent adherence to health and safety legislation whilst at the same time optimising efficiency and productivity is what most manufacturing companies strive to achieve. Each year, considerable time and money is lost as a result of illness and injuries sustained by employees in the manufacturing sector. Significant amounts are paid in claims and wages and efficiency and productivity is often negatively affected through employees’ subsequent absence. The use of materials handling equipment can reduce the risks of illness and injury associated with this type of work. The industrial manipulators designed and manufactured by world-leading companies address the need for higher productivity combined with safety and ergonomics.

Understanding the Power Inverter

So, what exactly is a power inverter, and what do they do? This article will deal with those and other questions. Learn more here.

Tips For Email Search And Discovery

Email archiving can also assist in legal email discovery. The process of any kind of electronic discovery usually is as follows. The first step is to identify any electronic documents that may be of substantial importance as well as identifying and persons who may be in possession of important information.

Quantifying The Benefits Of EHR Technology

EHR technology really has more to give back than what you have to invest in it. But what exactly does enhanced efficiency, improved effectiveness, and increased earnings mean? Read the entire content and get a full understanding.

The Growth Of Unified Information Governance

Unified information governance cloud archiving will help your business to mitigate risks, liability and potential losses. They will also help to increase positive outcomes for litigation purposes, audits and investigations.

The Important Role That Computer Education Plays In Society

The computer has become an important aspect of human life. It is an important tool used at the workplace to store and manipulate data, and to generate information. Students use computers to write and store notes.

The Benefits Of Enrolling In A Computer Class

It is important for individuals to have a basic understanding of information technology (IT) because computers are in use practically everywhere. Computer knowledge was initially the preserve of the technologically and scientifically inclined persons, however, today, computer knowledge is an important skill every person requires. Computer education is particularly important in modern societies seeking to be competitive at the national, regional, and personal level.

MySQL Generator

MySQL generator develops the websites without using the programming from the database. It is one of the greatest methods that have helped in generating the websites with no effort. It is very easy to use and also the software is free.

Demystifying ‘Cloud Computing’

Why is it important to know what ‘Cloud Computing’ means? Are computer networks being deployed high up there in the clouds, these days? In satellites maybe? And will this be the trend in future? Surely, the commonly used symbol for ‘cloud computing’ encourages one to think that way because it depicts bunches of clouds with the sun’s rays peeping through the gaps! But the truth to tell, this symbol is absolutely misleading, at least, to a lay person. Cloud (computing) is the technology of the future in the realm of computing. So, more likely than not, we are all going to run into this term, somewhere, quite soon (i.e. if we haven’t already!). As a result, being a little prepared will surely be useful in our increasingly computer-linked/computer-dependent lives.

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