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Thank Tesla for Your Cell Phone!

Many of us think of the cell phone as a product of the modern era, but Nikola Tesla patented technology associated with the product more than 100 years ago. It’s time to start giving Tesla his due.

Technology News for February 2014 and a Look Back at the Previous 5 Februarys

Each month I produce a summary of the technology news, and a brief precis of the same month over the last five years. This is the Technology News for February 2104, plus a quick look back at February for the last five years.

Ways to Increase Battery Life of Your Laptop

Even with all the modern technology that is available in the world today, there still is not a laptop battery that can last all day long without it being recharged. This can be rather irritating especially if you can not find a plug to plug your laptop into. This always happens when you need your laptop the most, Murphy’s Law you know.

Delivering Electronic Invoices in 2013 and Beyond

During the past of European Union, 2013 will go down as the year in which the problems of electronic invoicing were taken off. Innovative European Directives propose to utilise scientific knowledge to enhance business tasks, with the objective of lowering expenditures and expanding business efficiency. Therefore, the European Commission desires to improve electronic invoicing and assure widespread utilization of electronic invoices up-to the year 2020.

Acer C720 Review: A Must-Read Before Buying

Acer releases a new and modern Chromebook, the Acer C720. This is said to be the Chromebook to be created on Haswell micro architecture.

About Free Online Drawing Software

Drawing software comes in handy to drawing enthusiasts. This is because the software makes the work of the artist to be very easy. For example, as an artist you are able to do your illustrations very fast. This is because you can color, edit, and animate your drawings and illustrations within a very short time.

Things to Know If You Want to Join the IT Field

Many of the most in-demand jobs these days are those from the field of Information Technology. If you want to join this sector, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into and what to expect from this challenging but exciting field.

HP Chromebook 11: A Review

Just recently launched, the HP Chromebook 11 is the newest offering from Google and its partners. This product has earned positive critiques and has already been featured on Amazon online marketplace’s bestseller list, entering at number 4 spot.

Privacy Concerns and the Internet of Things

Wearable technology is fast becoming part of the “Internet of Things” theme that was current at CES 2014. Below are just a few of the wearable technologies that have recently been announced…

What To Look For When Getting A Printer For Personal Use At Home

There is no denying the fact that printers are still an essential equipment for office and home use. Although usually when buying any new equipment, the price is always the determining factor, there are also other important aspects and features that printers should have before considering to get it for your use at home.

Web Site Builder Services – Why You Should Hire A Web Developer And Hosting Provider Instead

The advantages and disadvantages of using a website builder service. Using a website builder is good for temporary websites, such as a website you may need for an event, or a conference. But, not a long term business website.

IVF to Bring Hopes For Infertile Couples As Well As Investors

In last one century, various inventions have revolutionized the medical field. Initially, studies were focused on controlling death; however, soon we developed a technique that would control the birth of an individual.

Enhancing Content Through A Digital WebBook

As an online writer, you probably have written a lot of articles in a wide array of topics. Eventually, you’ll soon realize to make a compilation of all your output into a single digital document that will be accessible and easier to distribute. Usually, this is done through a large PDF file and you just make additional articles to it from time to time. But the problem is, as the document becomes larger, only then will you realize that its size is already out of control. So this makes it more inconvenient to post on your own website and distribute to your customers via email.

Wearables in the IT Workplace

Wearables are currently leading discussions in tech, but are they appropriate for the IT Workplace? If you’re willing to spend, there may be several benefits to incorporating wearables into your every day work routines.

Can the Government Really View Your Emails?

Internet and email users expect their information and interaction with others is inherently private. That is not the case. The FBI routinely conducts scans and screens on a regular basis. The Freedom of Information Act has opened the door to a new dawn of internet scrutiny. What does that mean for the average person who is using email to correspond with family, friends and business contacts?

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