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7 Tips to Secure Your Small Business Computers

A computer security breach can devastate your small business and open you up to compliance and other legal liabilities. By implementing best practice computer security measures, you can prevent loss or theft of valuable, sensitive data and/or destruction of your network. Here are 7 tips which will help you secure your business technology infrastructure.

ITIL With Small Business, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

ITIL’s procedures do not manage themselves. On the other hand, as with all effective process development, it is necessary to have a process ‘owner’ and somebody who is responsible for making sure each process is performing properly. Among the most common misunderstandings concerning ITIL in smaller businesses is that ITIL in some way ‘demands’ a large organization. Most people think that as there are several ‘management’ processes involved, there needs to be a similar number of administrative roles, but this is absolutely not the case. A lot of good implementations have basically given out key tasks to individuals as part of their present roles.

A Glossary Of Essential Mobile Terms

Mobile development, like any other sub-field of IT, has lots of terms, which may be still obscure to you. Here we tried to select a number of terms, add our explanations to make a fun and informative read for you. Check the list so that nothing is missed.

Finding The Right Data Recovery Service

Losing all of the data which you have stored on your computer hard drive or other devices can be really frustrating, and if you are a business owner it can have a real negative impact on how you run your business. When a problem like the loss of data happens, the best solution is to find a company that will attempt to retrieve the lost data for you.

Essential Steps for Establishing a Successful BYOD Plan

The first step in establishing a successful BYOD plan is to define the parameters of the plan, and what it is referring to. Administrators must establish a secure, enterprise-wide policy to ensure a BYOD practice is carried out successfully.

Top 10 Things to Know About Digital Prescription Lenses

There has a rapid rise in the number of prescription digital, or “freeform”, lenses manufactured in the last few years. There has been an equal amount of confusion on the part of patients and opticians alike regarding what this really means for how well a patient will see through their new glasses. We aim to give you a basic understanding to the world of digital lenses here, explain what makes them unique, and give our own opinion of their usefulness in the eyeglass industry.

Virtual Directory Basics

The key technology needed for creating a Virtual Identity Service (VIS) for the enterprise is the virtual directory. Therefore, it pays to take a few minutes to refresh yourself on the details of how virtual directories work, in the context of user identity management systems and directory services. What Is It?

Android TV and Apps

Android TV’s are the new fad today. We all love Android apps and that makes us ask, will we have Android apps for the Android TV as well? Here is a look.

Lenovo X131e Chromebook

As technology continues to advance, the tradition of writing in blackboards and whiteboards or taking down notes using pen and paper is now starting to become rare. It would then lead to a new and better way for schools and colleges to support a better learning experience.

How a Virtual Identity Server Can Simplify Enterprise Deployments

Most large enterprises have multiple directory services in operation. Given logistical, management, and security concerns, multiple domains and multiple Active Directory structures within one enterprise are commonplace. The problem with this is that user identity information can be stored all over the place, making deployments and general user management difficult.

Benefits Of A Food Dehydrator

Because of micro-organisms and bacteria,vegetables, fruits, and meat – lose its flavour, nutrients, texture, among others with time. There are many ways to preserve our food for longer time. Some methods include; canning, pickling, refrigerating, Pasteurizing, drying.

Monitoring With Mobile Cellular Devices

Tracking is a rapidly changing field, and by the time this write-up is written, parts of it may be outdated. Do not hesitate to post remarks below to remedy any parts that are no longer legitimate. At present there are three kinds of tracking: 1) network-based, handset, 2) SIM-based and 3) WiFi and GPS-based.

A Guide for Choosing the Best Hybrid Laptop

If you want to avail the benefits of two devices out of a single device, you need to go with hybrid laptops. Here, you will get information on how to choose the best hybrid laptop which can work as a tablet PC as well as a computer.

Good Practices for Electronic Equipment Disposal

Rapid changes in technology and frequent obsolescence of old technologies have resulted in a significant and fast-growing surplus of electronic equipment (“e-waste”) – including computers, televisions, cell phones and tablets – worldwide. Within five years, the volume of e-waste around the world is expected to grow by 33%, yet up to 90% of electronic components can be recycled (Ontario Electronic Stewardship, 2013).

Making the Most of Your Arduino Projects

One of the best things about the Arduino platform is that it is open source, this is a big part of why it has grown to be so popular. The Arduino platform is quite possibly the most documented DIY project in history, you can find a seemingly infinite number of tutorials and articles online covering every step of a project. Documenting our work is important so that we can contribute to the ever growing pool of knowledge.

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