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Unlimited Hosting And Its Limitations

Unlimited hosting and its restrictions. Things you should keep in mind while purchasing unlimited hosting. The restrictions you should be aware of and the questions you should ask.

Hosting A Mirror Site, What It Entails, Advantages And Disadvantages

What a mirror site entails, and why one should host one. The advantages and disadvantages of it.

IT and PC Consulting

Thanks to the seemingly relentless onward progression of technology and all the improvements it brings, more and more people are thinking that when something goes wrong with their computer that they need to discard it, rather than repair it. However, more thought needs to be given to hiring the services of a PC consultant, as they will be able to repair your computer and let you get many more years of life out of it, as well as performing regular maintenance checks on it. In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits of PC and IT consulting.

Amazon Web Services – Can They Really Solve Your Problems?

Amazon’s AWS offering has now become a huge operation compared to its launch way back in 2006… when I say huge, I mean huge. To give you an idea of scale, the comparable infrastructure and computing power that supported the entire AWS offering back in 2006 is now added each and every day to satisfy ever growing demand.

Connect With Friends and Share Information

There are numerous companies which provide communication services to all parts of the world. They allow you to connect with individuals across the globe and share information and ideas. These companies have platforms which will allow you to hold conferences through voice calling or chatting. They provide an instant solution to communication problem since the feedback is instant.

Has Technology Made It Too Easy To Apply For Jobs?

Technology has changed the way people look for and apply to jobs. So many people are frustrated by sending out 100’s of resumes and filling in 100’s of online applications -without any response! Has technology made it too easy to apply for jobs? Do we need to rethink the process?

Different Types Of Photo Editing Services

Photo editing services are nowadays quite popular. They offer a wide range of professional services that help you to convert your ordinary photos into special ones.

How Are Government Agencies Using the Latest Security Technologies?

Government agencies – as well corporations, schools, medical practitioners and others – are always looking for new ways to maintain secure and private communications and connections. Secure KVM devices are quickly becoming essential in those mission-critical environments.

3D Printing And Supply Chain Management

3D printing is useful in several sectors by providing latest models of supply chains, reducing the costs and risks involved. 3D printing follows a process known as stereo-lithography wherein products are fabricated by using printers which places the materials as layers one on top of another.

Select The Perfect Location For Your MacBook

MacBook requires care and safety precautions at home and work. Continue reading to learn more.

Three Exciting Applications of RFID Cards

A man walks to a door, pulls out a card, presses it against a device near the door, and the door opens. The corridor leads into a basement where the man steals or destroys all the documents. This typical scene from a science fiction film or a James Bond movie demonstrates the use of proximity cards very well.

Apple IMessage Is Slow

Introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2011 the Apple iMessage feature was intended to be a great way of keeping in contact with family, friends or business associates for free using WiFi or 3G – free of charge providing both the sending and receiving devices are Apple devices. Unfortunately the iMessage system has been plagued by problems since the iOS 7 software update with users reporting flaws such as messages being delivered very late, not being sent at all with the sender receiving an alert saying “message not sent” with an exclamation point!

The Migration of SDN and WAN

If there is one thing that is always true about technology, it’s the fact that it is constantly in motion. As the world becomes more and more connected on a global scale, the need for additional technology becomes obvious. One of the ways in which this technology affects both businesses and individuals is in the way that networking takes place.

Bitcoin: What Is It, and Is It Right for Your Business?

Bitcoin (BTC) is starting to gain buzz but what exactly is it? And is it something that makes sense for your business?

Advantages to Using a Screen Protector

Screen protectors have been around for years and are not something everyone who owns a mobile phone or tablet uses. There are so many advantages to using these products, keeping your investment safe, while ensuring that should you choose to sell one day, the item is in excellent condition.

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