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Social Engineering, Monsters, Hackers and the Culture and Politics of Technology, Secrets, and Fear

With the advent of the film WarGames, to the recent prosecution and suicide of information freedom activist and coder, Aaron Swartz, hackers and hacking have become part of our language, imagination, and cultural landscape. With their beginnings in the 1950s to the present, our collective conception of the hacker has gone from hero to antihero; from political prankster to rebellious teenager, to criminal master-mind out to undermine the social fabric. Embedded within the archetype of this trickster figure are also our unconscious fears and ambiguous connections to technology.

Tips On How To Maximize Your iPad

Having a gadget like an iPad or iPad Mini at your disposal is not just for maintaining a status in society or for playing cool games. The real purpose of a gadget like an iPad is to simplify your life. Most people download a number of apps but most of the times are they barely make good use of them to organise their work. This article will serve as a guide for you to make the maximum use of your iPad, so much so that you will never feel the need for a human executive assistant again!

Will Machine Translations Be Better Than Translations by a Human Professional?

Machine translations are quite capable now. We see them on websites with pages getting automatically translated on demand. Most translation houses use some kind of automatic translation to help them increase productivity. Will machines completely take over translation jobs sometime?

Server Management Guide

With a properly administered server management process, it is entirely possible to run multiple operating systems and several applications simultaneously. The process of improving efficiency has been slow and deliberate and many IT managers spend an inordinate amount of time deciding the most suitable route.

Choosing Between Servers May Be Even As Critical As Getting Hosting Support

All servers need an operating system, and some webserver software, that deliver the web pages over the Internet. The most common types are Linus which has been integrated to Apache, and Windows which is relegated to Internet Information Services or IIS.

Using Bolt-On Inkjet Units To Update Inkjet Address Printers

There’s no need to spend huge amounts of money to update old inkjet address printers… just upgrade your mailing equipment with a simple bolt-on system.

Should You Offer Server Management Services

Customer using web hosting services expect to have questions answered. As a provider, it can be an expensive proposition to offer server management services. The staff members that provide the server management service must be fully trained to handle server management and a different team may be needed to answer question or provide support.

How To Access Outsourced Support For Servers

There are plenty of benefits associated with using outsourced support for your web host or server system, including 24 hour support, easy access to expert knowledge and lower server costs, yet many companies still choose to keep their hosting and server systems on site. Because some companies have yet to realise the benefits associated with outsourced support, they continue to do their own server support in-house, and actually waste thousands of dollars per year.

Trends With Server Management Services

In the past few years, more and more companies have become interested in investing in proper server management for their ICT departments. Before the beginning of the decade, very few people were interested in outsourcing server needs or hiring external agents for technology related tasks. However, as people have begun to understand the benefits of outsourcing, this sector has seen rapid growth.

4 Reasons To Access Server Management Services

For those companies who rely on computers as part of their work, or for those people who wish to maintain an internet presence with a company website, accessing the facilities which are offered by server management services can be essential. There are a number of provisions which are offered by server management services which can be incredibly beneficial to these sorts of companies, so if you are not accessing these services for your company yet, you may be interested in reading more about the potential advantages that they can offer to you.

5 Underused Features Of Your Sports Camera

If you own or are looking to own a sports camera of your own, then you will definitely need to make the most of your camera. If you keep these five useful functions in mind, though, then you will be able to do just that.

Why You Should Use Bitcoin

You’ve probably heard a lot about Bitcoin recently. But you might not know why you should use it! Click here to discover the benefits of Bitcoin, and why you should get involved with this exciting new movement!

Applications of Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking is a leading-edge technology which has been on the forefront of IT research for many years. The goal is to be able to control functions of a device, be it a computer or a mobile, by tracking the motion of the eyeballs. It has numerous applications in many areas and that is the reason it has rapidly become popular in scientific, business and medical domains. Fierce competition exists between many technology giants to get hold of this technology before others.

Will The New Intel Braswell Chip Give Us Cheaper PCs And Tablets?

Computer technology is moving forward at a blistering pace, so fast it is sometimes extremely difficult to keep up. Now, we have the introduction and the upcoming release of Intel’s newest Braswell Chip to make things much more interesting. Can this more powerful compact mobile platform give us cheaper PCs and Tablets? Continue reading to discover the answer…

The Best Innovations of CES 2014

For over 40 years consumer electronics show (CES) has defined what technology is. Over the years, the show has attracted a lot of people displaying a number of innovations. In 2014, the show was held in Las Vegas (just like all the other shows) and it attracted over one million attendees from over 150 countries.

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