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Typing Tips to Take Your WPM to the Next Level

There are hundreds of articles about ‘learning to type’. If you know where to put your fingers, and type without looking at the keyboard, it is hard to find any more tips except for practice, practice, practice. Here are some tips and tricks for the intermediate typists.

Common IT Solutions Outsourced by Small Businesses

The modern business environment is competitive and quick, and therefore, the need for a company to have agility and speed in order to expand is vital. One method that a modern day companies can use, in order to avoid being left behind in the competitive worldwide marketplace, is to make use of outsourcing.

3 Ways Of Creating An SEO Friendly Infinite Scrolling Page

Infinite scrolling pages are pages that allow users to scroll infinitely at the bottom of the page. Here the pages load more content as the user scrolls thus providing the user with never-ending amount of materials. Although infinite scroll pages provide users with a lot of content, their main flaw is that they are not SEO friendly. The good side is that there are some measures that you can take to ensure that the pages become SEO friendly. Some of the measures that you should take include:

Best Practices When Designing an iPhone App Icon

The icon is the first thing that people will meet when they see your app. To ensure that you get the people’s attention you should ensure that your icon stands out from the rest. For the representation to stand out you need to put the following good practices in place:

The Growth of the Computing Sector in Australia

It is no longer a secret that the development of the IT industry has created many job opportunities all over the world, but few countries have created laws to regulate its dynamics and promote it on a global scale. Australia is one of the states where this happened and, in 2013, the Australian Government released the National Strategy for Cloud Computing, an essential document that has been changing IT services in Australia ever since. This act refers to the cloud computing as one of the key opportunities for sustainable technology development and encourages government agencies and local businesses to consider Australian cloud services.

Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

Every business owner or manager knows just how important it is to backup essential data and when a business relies on technology to contact clients and providers, intermediate communication and store files, then almost all data is essential for business, which makes backup services critical. Cloud backup refers to protecting data by storing it on a remote, online storage space, called broadly a cloud. A recent study has shown that a high percentage of small and medium sized businesses still experience data loss because they use direct attached storage, instead of cloud services.

Technology: A Bad Servant or Good Master?

It is indeed well known that technology has been a good servant in that it has made many contributions. Advances in healthcare, education, crime detection, greater business efficiency, improved communications, life enrichment, saved time, and given us the opportunity to have fun such as that involving the personal computer..

LCD Video Walls for Control Rooms Are the Best Choice

If you work in a control room and want the best way to display critical information for either monitoring or training, the best way to go is with the latest LCD video wall systems. This article will tell you why LCD video wall systems are the best value for the application.

What You Need To Know About LCD Displays

Liquid crystal display or LCD as they are popularly known consist of a large number of picture elements that consist of liquid crystal molecules held between two sets of transparent electrodes. When the electrical charge running between the electrodes is charged, the liquid crystals react in predictable ways. Here the crystals twist and move in different ways that create the colors that you see on the screen. For you to see the picture, a light source has to shine through the LCD.

LASYS 2014: Laser Plastic Welding on Display

LASYS 2014 will take place on June 24th to 26th at the Stuttgart fairgrounds in Stuttgart, Germany. Each year, this international trade fair showcases the latest innovations in laser material processing. This year, expect to see laser plastic welding in the spotlight. Laser plastic welding is an emerging technology, still in its early stages. As such, the LASYS 2014 exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about it.

Transitioning To Scrum: What To Consider

Considering a scrum transformation? Before you do anything else read this. Many of the organizations and individuals I have coached failed to consider these three things. Don’t you make the same mistake.

Understanding The LED Module

A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor component that allows current to pass in only one direction. When current is applied, the LED emits light. The module is usually used in creating portable lighting. Some of the applications of the module are: night lights, outdoor lighting, headlamps, flashlights, book lights, and multiple bulb units. In all of these applications the module emits bright light from a very small bulb.

Six Steps To A Scrum Transformation: Make It Work For You

Agile transitioning are difficult and time consuming. If you are considering transitioning here are key steps you need to follow.

Scrum Transformation: How Transparency Is Offered

To start a scrum transformation you need to be willing to be transparent. Scrum offers four ceremonies where you have this opportunity. This article discusses these ceremonies.

Are You Being Tracked?

The answer to that question is yes. If you use a computer or a cell phone you are being tracked. For this article when I say “tracked” I mean your internet surfing habits, what site you visit, how long you stay on that site and what pages you look at and if you make a purchase.

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