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The Fastest Hard Drives

If you are currently looking to purchase a replacement hard drive for your computer you have two distinct choices. To begin with there is the now customary hard disk drive, and these have been around for a number of years now, however, there is now a new type of hard drive in existence, and it is called a solid state drive (SSD). You may not think that there is much difference between the two drives, and from the outside there isn’t. However, go under the hood, and it is a different matter and they both store data in an entirely different way.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Computer Recyclers

Electronics that are obsolete or broken need to be disposed properly or sent for recycling. It is important to avoid placing any of your electronics in the trash. Many of this electronic equipment contain heavy metals that can prove harmful to humans and the environment.

Reasons Why Computer Recycling Is Recommended

Electronic goods are an integral part of daily living. They are often used for communication, catching up with daily news, data storage and much more. Therefore, both individuals and businesses are finding it more and more challenging to live without them.

Why Should I Upgrade Windows XP?

Did you know that Windows XP will soon be putting your business at a huge and serious risk if you are still running it? Find out why in this article.

When It’s Time to Find an IT Expert

The rule is that if you can do it in-house, you should never ever pay someone to come in and do it for you. If you need an IT expert, well then, it’s time you learned how to be an IT expert and solve all your technology issues and flawlessly set up new IT initiatives.

Surveillance Equipment Is Not Always What’s Seen In Movies

This will be a brief article, but the main point of it is to get across the fact that the surveillance equipment and spy gadgets you see in the movies are not necessarily realistic examples of what’s available in the marketplace. In fact to be blunt, NO we do not have a camera the size of a pin that can see two miles away with perfect clarity while being powered by a battery and using wireless transmission for a month on end, all at a price of under $100. Now to be fair I am exaggerating the example here a bit, but most surveillance dealers will recognize the type of questions we get in this example. So to help set the record straight we will go over one main example of the difference between real life as compared to the movies and why they’re not yet a possibility.

How To Change The Start Page On Safari

Changing the start page on Safari has never been this easy. Follow the simple steps to learn how you can do this.

Three Reasons to Use a Tablet at Your Next Convention

The common use of the tablet is transforming the way businesses interact with consumers. Many merchants are now using tablets at conventions and trade shows to draw in potential customers. This article will help you learn how the use of a tablet can improve your business.

Why the Right Cloud Can Prevent a Storm

The benefits of cloud technology extend way beyond flexibility, cheap services and scalability – but so does the complexity of the subject – and, outside of a loose government framework for public services, there is no “one size fits all” approach for comparing services and getting true value. Why the Right Cloud Can Prevent a Storm offers actionable, best practice advice on the commercial issues that you need to address to secure the best possible service.

New Year – Time for a New Password

This article highlights the importance of changing your password, and what better time than the new year? It guides the reader through some important tips on formulating a password to make sure you aren’t compromising your online security.

What Is Digital Forensics?

In the not too distant past, computers were monolithic devices which required a separate and specific climate controlled environment, and technicians with a specialized skill set to maintain them and make use of them. Only governments and large corporations could own them and pay the professionals who could communicate with them. Now, computers are an ubiquitous part of life, and calculators and gaming systems have more computing power and data storage capacity than the early, giant computers.

Study Information Systems Degree

Information Technology is the backbone of modern businesses. Because IT is highly demanded today, many young students are pursuing information systems degree at various universities.

Is an IT Assessment Worth the Cost of Doing One?

An IT assessment is supposed to solve all your problems. When you hire someone to come in and do an IT assessment, the money you’re shelling out is supposed to help you figure out the state of your IT infrastructure, where your security vulnerabilities are, and what problems you’ve got. The best part of the IT assessment is the part where they tell you exactly how to fix the million problems you have. Once you sign up for an IT assessment, you’re on the road to transforming your company from the IT infrastructure out.

Things to Consider When Implementing a Digital Asset Management System

In recent times, many businesses and individuals have become more concerned about the ever-increasing expansion in the different types of products and devices that have been made available via the digital industry. A major part of this concern focuses on storing all of the files that’s being produced. For instance, even when a family member takes pictures of their family vacations, they are normally recording all of these special memories on a digital camera.

Wireless Headphones: Things to Be Aware of Before Investing in a Pair

Wireless Headphones are increasingly becoming popular, since they are much more hassle free to use, with no wires that constantly get tangled up and damaged over time. With advances in technology such as Kleer and Bluetooth, the audibility of most Wireless Headphones is increasing, and there is no reason to buy one for your use. Some things you should be aware to help you choose Wireless Headphones are as follows: Choose the best Wireless Headphones for purpose you want for them Wireless Headphones are generally divided into two types; the ones designed for the…

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