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Telematics for Construction in Today’s Economy: A Dollar Saved Is More Valuable Than a Dollar Earned

At first glance, telematics and remote monitoring can seem like a costly addition for any construction company, and one that’s difficult to justify. This article will show that telematics is really information for intelligent business decisions. It’s about increasing efficiency and cutting costs. And in this challenging economic climate you have to cut to increase profits.

The Joy of Toner

More people now own printers and print their own documents, photographs and other papers. This uses a lot of ink and toner which is expensive and uses a lot of natural resources to produce. There are easy ways to increase a printer’s effectiveness and to conserve toner which add up to big savings and contribute to conservation efforts.

Good Practices of IT Equipment Disposal

If you were alive during the period when computers had not yet been introduced, then you will obviously be quick to indicate that the coming of IT equipment has transformed the world. Notwithstanding the many notable benefits that have been associated with the coming of computers, they have also caused a lot of havoc on the planet. First of all, they have the potential to cause a lot of harm to the environment. There are many electronic machines that contain harmful substances such as lead and non-biodegradable substances such as polymers. Such substances have got the potential to cause a substantial amount of damage to both human and plant life. For this reason, it is important to use very safe IT equipment disposal methods. This passage will bring to light some of the best practices of disposing of computers and other IT related equipment.

Laptop, Tablet, E-Reader – Which To Get?

One of the big questions many people have is whether they should purchase a laptop, a tablet, or an e-reader. Here is a look at the virtues of each of these devices to help you make this decision yourself!

Different Kinds Of Security Systems In Ports And Airports

There are different security systems that authorities have in place to ensure the safety of the general public. Some of these systems are listed below.

How To Become A SharePoint Architect

The path of a SharePoint architect is not often understood. Some people coming from very technical roles would want to advance their job and become an architect but the fact is, an architect doesn’t really require extensive technical skills at all. The job uses more brain than brawn.

All About Underwater Photography

All you wonderful people check out the inside about underwater photography with me :). Some basics and lot more.

Rain Man, Watson and The Cloud – What Constitutes Consciousness and Being?

Scientific progress towards artificial intelligence is rapidly approaching. It begs the questions: Where does human consciousness begin and artificial intelligence end? What is the difference between the super intelligent machine, the cognizant being, the super savant and the insane? Or is our reality simply a product of a sci-fi Matrix scenario? Read on to discover what is happening in this field and make-up your own mind.

Can You Become A Computer Programmer?

Get a glimpse in to a career as a computer programmer. Learn about Average Pay, Qualification, Work Schedule, Industry Culture, Dress Code and Job Outlook.

Who Uses Video Walls and Digital Signage, and What For?

Successful businesses are all about great messaging. They find unique and dynamic ways of attracting people’s attention and they know just what to do when they’ve got people looking. Of course, sometimes the medium is the message.

5 Myths of IT Security

In the world of Information Security myths exist that influence senior executives, business managers and sometimes the same industry professionals, causing misunderstandings and exaggerations about the threats to computer systems and technologies used to combat them. Many of these myths exist because people tend to overreact and emotional in unfamiliar situations, rather than make an objective analysis. The result is overstate the problem by relying on the first solution that is proposed or worse underestimate the risks, thinking thus to avoid additional charges.

Choosing Your Rental Company

A lot more people are turning to rental instead of buying their IT products. This because it is more cost effective and there isn’t a massive outlay when companies need to buy new computers.

Can You Refill Toner Cartridges?

Can you refill toner cartridges? of course you can but some of the printer manufacturers would rather you did’nt. Most toner cartridges can be refilled easy without any fuss or technical knowledge

Ensuring Safety With Light Bars

Ensuring the safety inside a mining site is very important. With the application of proper technology, accidents within the site can be minimize.

Ways to Save Money When Your Business Is in Trouble

With the economy struggling, there are more businesses out there that are in trouble, than businesses that are in a good position. People don’t know what they are going to do to make their business survive. They already have their prices at the lowest level they can and making a profit is even harder.

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