SOK Battery: Best budget 12V LiFePO4 is back in stock

SOK Battery: Best budget 12V LiFePO4 is back in stock

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How To Save Some Money on Electric Bills

The electric bills are always climbing and it doesn’t seem like there is any end in sight. There are always more gadgets to add to the collection. It just seems that it can go on and on forever.

The Importance of an Energy Saving Roof

Often times people will say that you should start from the top and go down from there. This is an option to take when you are looking to improve energy efficiency as well. People spend a lot of money to keep their houses and offices warm and cool depending on the time of the year.

How To Save Energy When Using a Washing Machine

When you throw your clothes in the washing machine it is easy to forget that it can be an expensive move because of how common it is to wash your clothes. But this can be a very expensive move. But you have to wash your clothes at some point so you don’t really have a choice but maybe you do.

How To Save Energy on Light Bulbs

When it comes to using light in our homes and offices all it takes is a flick of a switch and it is up and running. It is so simple but we forget that it costs money to power the bulbs. It is easy to miss seeing that light bulbs can be very expensive to operate because we take them for granted.

How to Go Green at Home – Top 7 Easy Tips to Practice a Green Lifestyle

The tips below shows ways you can help the Earth by minimizing wasted energy. Learn How To Go Green At Home TODAY! You can make a difference.

Advantages of Solar Power and Why You Should Fit It to Your Home

The world is facing a severe energy crisis; it is advisable to start looking for an alternate power solution at home. It not helps the energy crisis that is around the corner, but also helps to save power for the rest of the world.

Soapnuts – What Are They?

Did you know that soap grows on trees? Well, at least there is a certain type of natural detergent that does. The wonderful little soapnut or soapberry is the fruit of the Chinese soapberry tree. This article will introduce you to the soapnut, highlight its many virtues, and show you how easily you can use soapnuts in your laundry.

The Eco Office – Saving Energy at Work

The home is not the only location where we should be saving energy. Many of us spend such a large proportion of our lives at work that it makes sense to be just as eco at the office as it does around the house. And there are advantages to the workplace for employees to save energy too.

Learn The Secrets of How to Build A Generator

Have you ever thought about building a generator? There are various kinds of generators available on the market today for home use. But one of the most exciting and potentially life changing options would be a free energy machine. So, the secret to building a machine like this to create unlimited amounts of energy is…

Why Choose to Go Eco-Friendly?

More and more people are choosing to buy eco-friendly products and live their lives in a more environmentally conscious way. And while care for the environment is a primary concern for most people there are other advantages to eco-friendly products.

Green Certifications to Look For

Finding products that are truly green can be difficult when designing your kitchen or bathroom. The kitchen is the most used, and easily the most expensive, room in a home, but it is a good place to start when looking for green products. Here is a guide to finding and buying your green kitchen materials.

How to Save Money on Your Water Bill – Rain Barrels Can Help

Looking to save some money on your water bill? The simple installation of a rain barrel can save you a ton on your water costs every month.

Build Your Own Solar Panels Cheap

You may have heard the new craze of green energy, it has been around a bit. But if you really want to cut energy costs and become green at the same time then I highly recommend getting started with homemade solar panels. Okay so you want to make solar panels and save money on your electricity bills, everyone hates the electric bill at the end of the month.

Solar Panels Can Save The World

The sun is everywhere and instead of destroying our earth for the resources we need to create energy we could just be harnessing the power of the sun itself. You got to think about it the sun is going to be around as long as the planet earth is. I mean it’s because of the sun that we have life on this earth.

Zero Waste or Trash Problems

Have you ever think about your trash? Where did it go? Mostly, if you just threw away your trash to the dumpster, it will end at the landfills. Trash from all over the city will accumulate in there. It will continuously accumulate, and start change to a problem depends on the capacity of the landfills. During the time they stay there, it composition will be absorbed by the soils, pollute the air and water. So there is one way to avoid this, by reducing the trash we sent to the landfills. Use the zero waste management, avoid making any trash.

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