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How To Set Up A Magento Store

Setting up a Magento store is not a difficult task. Read more to learn about it.

Open the Door of Opportunities by Signing Up With a Marketplace

If you have been in the design industry for a long time, then you will know that the company that you work for gets paid a lot more for your services, than you do in your salary. This is the way design companies make their money and it does benefit you because you have job safety as long as they are making money off you.

5 Reasons Why Architecture Assessments Are Extremely Crucial for Software Projects.

Every software application has a corresponding architecture associated with it. Irrespective of our development approach i.e. whether we consciously create the architecture, then develop the design and code for the application or we directly code the application itself in an ad-hoc manner, an architecture is always present along with an application(implicitly or explicitly). Having the right architecture in place is more important than ever since technology is rapidly evolving at an alarming pace these days. Large scale systems developed using heterogeneous technologies need to adapt to the rapid changes in technologies and the need to transition through the technology evolution without affecting the business operations is one of the primary needs of customers. A robust architecture adds a lot of stability to systems whilst ensuring they maintain a high degree of adaptability with the rapidly evolving technologies. This article talks about the 5 important reasons why every customer must have their architectures assessed and the benefits they will achieve from the same. The views expressed here are solely based upon my own experiences from performing numerous architecture assessments across multiple business domains and different technologies over the past 6 years…

Is Multiplatform The Future Of Mobile Development?

If you are sure about devices and operating systems, which are used by your target audience, you don’t have to encompass everyone. But if your business requires a huge audience with many device types, you should think how it will influence your business.

Up And Running, Now What? Optimizing Functionality With Your Internal IT Solutions

Look for specific support offerings from your IT solutions firm to ensure long term, sustainable success. When running an organization in any industry, it’s critical to implement functional and efficient internal IT solutions.

Understanding the Basics of Computing Virtualization

There are many different types of virtualization occurring in today’s computing environment. It is important to have a basic understanding of each type before taking on a virtualization project. The following will ensure you have the basics concepts of virtualization before you begin your journey into a major project.

How to Choose the Best Touchscreen Laptop

Can you have a portable computer and a tablet in one? Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. You just need to find the best touchscreen laptop for you. Ever since the launch of Windows 8, the number of models available in the market has increased dramatically.

The Merging Worlds of Television and Internet

As technology continues to advance, the internet and television continue to merge on a wide variety of platforms. Find out more information to stay on top of all of the innovative changes taking place in the world of technology!

Up Against the Deadline: How Financial Services Providers Can Make Filing Taxes Easier

As many as one in four Americans will wait until the bitter end to file their tax return. With the filing deadline looming and a glut of returns in the queue, tax preparers across the country will be slogging away around the clock right up until April 15th to push through those last minute returns.

How Private Are Your Facebook Chats?

An in depth look at Facebook’s chat and how private they really are. Many people are unaware that without checking the right settings, their private chats may not be so private.

Amazon Prime Air: Drone Delivery Coming to a City Near You

Their latest and possibly most ambitious endeavor, Amazon Prime Air, will revolutionize ecommerce as well as logistics and distribution. Amazon Prime Air extends the products that the company can sell. With a vision of leading innovation in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) delivery, Amazon Prime Air will enhance all of their other product lines by allowing their customers to get the goods they order much faster, effectively enhancing the Amazon customer experience.

How Not To Be A Computered Brain

The story is geared to provoke thought and take action on technically driven lives today. Live “real” life, not simulated dreams. Exhale, relax, it’s OK to breathe. Think things “all the way” through.

Cyber Attacks and Reality Checks

Not long ago, I was discussing with an online acquaintance some of his observations on observations on cyber warfare, intelligence, white hat cyber surveillance. This got me to consider some other points of contention when dealing with cyber attacks and false flags. You see, before we go after some supposed nation or culprit for a cyber attack, we better make sure they actually did it. Let’s talk.

Making Use of Some Advanced Functionality of SharePoint

Want to make the most out of your SharePoint site? Get a load of the tips here to find out things you may be missing out on that can help you maximize your use of this collaboration platform.

Evolution of Outsourcing Tasks

Productivity has been a big issue with companies who prefer outsourcing. By using outsourced business tasks, you don’t need to waste time explaining any procedures, guidelines or instructions for special jobs to be done. Most of these are repetitive, simple tasks that don’t need much explaining or information that can free up your time for other work-related activities.

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