Quick rant about “solar generators” (AC50S/Jackery) and my future DIY build that will kill them all

Quick rant about "solar generators" (AC50S/Jackery) and my future DIY build that will kill them all

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Make a Worm Bin

Everything you need to know about making a worm bin. Includes materials and the process for setting up your vermiculture Worm Bin.

Solar Powered Equipments Are Environmental Friendly and Cost Effective

Solar powered products are increasing in demand these days. The main reason behind this is the focus of people towards energy conservation and using as much as possible of natural resources of energy.

7 Easy Steps To Building A Solar Generator

Ever wanted to power your appliances with the sun? I’ll show you 7 simple steps to help you get started reducing your carbon footprint!

DIY Solar Panels: 5 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Solar Panels

Solar electricity is for everyone Capturing the sun light and converting it into something with which you can run your entire house (not the cave house, the current house with all the electric appliances and gadgets in it) is no more a dream. It is hip and happening and you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get it from the glitzy huge companies. No.

How to Make Solar Panels – Top Reviews

In today’s increasingly green-conscious society, nothing has garnered as much attention as solar panels – an extremely viable option to replace fossil fuels in the future. However, as much attention as solar power has gotten, very few people truly understand how they work or how to make solar panels of their own. While technology has advanced rapidly in the last two decades, knowledge in the general public is still sorely lacking.

How to Get Off the Grid – The Best Guide

If you want to know how to get off the grid and create enough energy to power your household, you should start by finding out which type of alternative energy source works best for you. The main alternative energy sources available to most people are solar and wind power, but some people may also be in a position to make use of hydroelectric or geothermal power or some other form of free energy generator.

Making Solar Panels Explained

Making solar panels is an excellent way to begin to move away from dependence on more conventional sources of energy and get some energy independence for yourself and your household. However, it is always a good idea to practice some basic conservation techniques. Example, remove all devices and chargers when not in use is an excellent way to cut down on unnecessary energy drains.

It’s Time for Us to Consider Solar and Wind Power

In the coming decades, we need to meet more and more of our energy needs by means other than fossil fuels. These traditional sources of power which we have used for so many years are increasingly limited and they also contribute significantly to the pollution of our environment. On the other hand, resources such as solar and wind energy offer all the benefits of traditional energy with none of the disadvantages.

Why Green Business Is Good Business

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, energy usage accounts for 30% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Corporations are adopting green business practices to realize the associated financial benefits accompanied with reducing overhead costs and fostering increased innovation. Eco-friendliness can benefit both the business and the environment. The risk and associated remedial costs in the unfortunate occurrences of accidents that can cause damage to the environment are greatly reduced with preventative measures that are implemented with green business practices.

The Best Resources of Renewable Energy Power

These renewable power sources have their own advantages and disadvantages. This is a good chance that no one source will replace the coal, oil and natural gas to assume that we use now. However, it is quite possible that we can take care of all our energy in order to be in the future by using a combination of these alternative energy sources.

Sustainable Renewable Energy, Solar Power

Solar power offers lots of benefits. Each day we are being offered with this enormous amount of power we can readily tap for free.

How LED Growing Lights Make Indoor Gardening A Breeze

It is best to have a growing system in your greenhouse or home which is versatile; easy to arrange and maneuver around, as this is important when you are involved with indoor growing. Typically, the LED growing lights are specially designed to perform exactly how you want them to ensure that your gardening is a success. This kind of lighting is made to only generate a particular amount of light which plants require for growth.

Renewable Energy Sources and Its Strong Points

To supplement our need for energy, tapping alternative sources can help out a lot. Efforts exerted over this kind of energy is never a waste of time and money.

Will Solar Panels Pay for Themselves?

Paying for electricity is one way to ruin your pocket. Solar panels is one way to go around this. If you think this is just another expense then it is better to take a second look.

Family Composting

What are you doing to teach your family about nature and the life cycle of plants? Family composting will help you teach your kids to be environmentally responsible and helps them realize that a plant will keep doing good even after it is pulled out of the ground!

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