Powering my Scissor Lift with Cheap LiFePO4 packs

Powering my Scissor Lift with Cheap LiFePO4 packs

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Build Your Own Solar Panel – Make Your Own Green Energy

You can build your own solar panel, as well as a power system that will help alleviate your power bills, or even get you off the grid completely. Now while this can be an article about how to build your own solar panel, it just wouldn’t be comprehensive or detailed enough for you to make a proper panel, one that is going to put out the right voltage that you need.

Is It Safe to Drink Water From Rain Barrels?

Use the rain barrels for the purpose it’s intended and that is to collect rain water and water plants and grass. Leave the food business to products that are made for that purpose.

Is It Time To Consider Log Cabins As A Viable Housing Option?

Have you ever considered log cabins as a viable housing option? Rather than building a bricks and mortar house, consider purchasing one of these instead. When you think of these types of homes you probably think they are nothing more than a nice sized garden shed but they can be so much more than that.

Finding Websites to Show You How to Make a Solar Panel

These days many people are thinking about how much their utility bills are going up, the impact they are having on the environment, and they are thinking about ways to change these problems. Maybe they are interested in how to make a solar panel, because solar is one of the best renewable energy sources on the planet. The biggest problem with learning how to make a solar panel is finding the right information.

DIY Solar Panels – For My Home

For quite some time now, I have been using some small solar panels for my home. Indeed, solar has helped me a great deal in terms of saving my monthly electricity bill, and to reduce my carbon footprint. But before installing panels in your home, consideration must be given to a number of factors.

Getting Free Water Through Rain Barrels

The popularity of rain barrels was due to the urging of green conservationist and environmental agencies pursuit for a livable planet. Rain barrels, due to their affordability and comes with kit and instruction for easy installing is worth it as an investment.

Green Energy – Make Your Own Portable Solar Water Heater

You can make your own portable solar water heater for very little money. Take it with you when you go camping, or place it in the garden to use for hand washing when you are outside. You will have free hot water wherever you are, as long as the sun shines.

How Can We Use Alternative Energy in Our Everyday Lives?

We are all in an amazing race to find the best alternative energy source, look at the automobile industry for instance. The government set industry standards that cars have to meet or exceed; now they are finally actually trying to make a car that has the best fuel economy, they have always had the technology to do this but it really started with a lot of pressure from the government. The automobile industry has made great strides in a short amount of time.

Don’t Get Left In the Dark Without a Magnetic Generator

With all the blackouts and power outages, more and more people are looking for some sort of power sources so they aren’t left out in the dark, with no Heat, Hot water or electricity in general. A lot of people are getting a backup generator, well why not go one step further and find a generator that is environmentally friendly and inexpensive as a home use generator. Well one reason is probably because you don’t know about them or just figure that they are probably to expensive.

The Secret of the Magnetic Generator Is Exposed

If you haven’t heard about the best alternative green energy source, there is a good reason; the giant corporations have gone to great lengths to keep this a secret. Let’s face it if everybody could build a magnetic generator and produce their own cheap electricity it would greatly change the standings of the control that the power companies have over us and the huge profits that they are making. The whole idea of magnetic perpetual motion has been suppressed and they say that the big energy’s secret nightmare is finally out in the open.

The Latest Alternative Energy Source Is the Magnetic Generator

I keep on asking myself this question. With the state of affairs that our energy crisis is in means that we have to take a course of action to find an Alternative Energy source. The sign of the times means that it has to be environmentally friendly, as well as Renewable and inexpensive, Which leaves us with few choices.

Earth Friendly Cleaning Products – Are They For Real?

You are in your favorite grocery store, you’re rolling down the cleaning aisle happily looking at bleach. You glance over and see some green patterned bottle that states “this product is healthy for the environment.” Your mind is turning, now what? Do you buy it or do you pick up your bleach bottle?

Solar Panels: How They Work

There are a lot of people that are interested in solar energy technology. The fact of the matter is solar energy can be used to heat water in your home, heat water in a swimming pool and run your electricity.

DIY Solar Water Heater – Some Benefits Of Building Your Own

The steadily growing interest about how to make a solar water heater is not that surprising really because more people are getting fed up with the cost of their electricity consumption. If this describes you then pull up a chair because you have come to the right place.

3 Natural Ways to Combat Mosquitoes

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes: There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying time in your own backyard on a weekend. You fire up the BBQ, invite a few friends over, and relax and have a good time.

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