Lunch Break Livestream – Ask me anything!

Lunch Break Livestream - Ask me anything!

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Tips for Improving Light Bulb Energy Use

It is very easy to get light in your home these days. Just turning them on and off is a very simple task but you should also consider the cost behind that usage and it can add up. Since they are so common and so often used, we forget that it is costly to operate the lights in our homes and offices.

Efficient Energy Choices

When you know where to turn to find information on saving energy then you can make some changes to save energy. There are certain technologies that are making this easier to do and some are making progress but none are very popular just yet. But you might want to consider buying a product with one of these technologies if you want to save money.

The Right Windows Can Save You Money

Often times it is obvious what happens to your energy when you feel drafts in your home. You know that it is going out or getting in through the doors and windows and that is a problem. There are many causes for this energy loss and it can lead to a lot of money being wasted.

Tips for Saving Energy

Those utility bills can get you every time because every time you see one of them it is more expensive then the last one and you don’t know where the money is going. You try to figure it out but it’s no use. When you get a new item you plug it in and get it ready.

Caught Between A Traffic Jam And A Windmill Blade: A Renewable Energy Irony

Renewable energy is something that we all are facing whether we want to meet it head-on or not. Read on about how I found myself in one of the most ironic situations ever!

Wind Power Facts – Solid Information About Wind Powered Energy

The world’s energy needs are constantly changing, so you will want the right information when it comes to wind power facts. Pursuing solid information about wind energy will help you to determine if wind is the right alternative energy choice for your needs.

Advantages of Solar Energy and Disadvantages

If you’ve been thinking about replacing electricity in your home with solar energy, then there are a few things you may need to know. What we will talk about here are the advantages of solar energy and disadvantages. Solar energy can be an effective way to cut down on any electric bill at the same time decreasing your environmental footprint.

Solar Power – Is It A Great Alternative Energy Choice for You?

The current way that we use energy can be extremely damaging to the state of the environment. We need alternative energy sources like solar power. So we can make use of the sun, as it is an unlimited power source.

Do The Solar Energy Advantages Really Outweigh The Costs?

The major advantages of using solar energy include the reduction of pollutants or toxic by-products and the potential long-term cost savings that may be realized by replacing traditional energy needs with green energy. Beyond the obvious, there are some additional benefits as well. Most people interested in utilizing green sources of energy become more educated about their own personal energy needs; the effects of traditional energy on the environment and the many available government programs that offer rebates and tax benefits to offset the initial start up costs.

A Simple Explanation of How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels work in a fairly simple manner and only require a few components or ingredients to produce electricity that can be used in your home, your RV or even in backpack to charge daily electronic devices. The ingredients used to make solar panels include silicon, boron, phosphorous, non-reflective glass, copper wiring and waterproof aluminum. The main ingredient used in solar panels is an abundant, naturally occurring material found in certain rocks and sands known as silicon. This material most often associated with computer chips, is a poor conductor of energy all on its own. However, it is a material known as a semi-conductor that works incredibly well in producing energy when combined with other ingredients.

How to Create a Sustainable Backyard Habitat

Backyard habitats are the home of one or more functional ecosystems. A backyard habitat is a great way to preserve and promote a healthy environment.

Discover the Secrets to Becoming a Green Consumer

Becoming a green consumer is a global tendency that more and more people are joining nowadays. Perhaps it is the conscience about the negative impact that our actions have in the environment or the desire to leave a better world for our descendants. No matter what the reason is, becoming a green consumer implies much more than leading a bucolic life in the middle of the forest.

Silicon Wafers and Technology – Functionally Strong

In this article we will get information about Silicon Wafers and Technology. silicon was discovered to be a great conductive material for computer components. It is the main component of most semiconductor devices. A silicon wafer is a thin slice of silicon crystal which is used in the actual fabrication of integrated circuits or similar devices.

Green Building Technologies

Integration in design is the basis for green building technologies. Only with the integrated in design approach can we develop high performance buildings at affordable prices. Green building technologies is nothing more than a building that is built from reusable materials and other materials that make the building efficient and environmentally friendly.

Tax Incentives for Energy Efficiency

Thousands of people are taking advantage of the tax incentives for energy efficiency by going out and purchasing windows, doors, and other energy efficient items for the home. Tax credits are made available for individuals that make improvements to their home making it more energy efficient.

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