Livestreaming from the new workshop. Ask me anything

Livestreaming from the new workshop. Ask me anything

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Plastic Containers Shopping Guide

Almost every household has plastic containers. They could be used for storing foods or other smaller items to promote organization in the house. However, do you know that some plastics are not really recyclable than the others? Do you use plastic containers that are safe for living? Check out the shopping guide below before you decide to buy plastic containers.

6 Tips to Naturally Freshen Your Home

Air fresheners hide more than unpleasant odors. They contain a dangerous chemical cocktail that is hazardous to your health. Use these six non-toxic tips to freshen all areas of your home, naturally.

How to Do Laundry the Eco Friendly Way

Most of us know how to do laundry, but do you know how to do laundry the eco friendly way? Doing laundry the eco friendly way means that you concentrate on biodegradability and less waste with water and laundry products.

Wind Power for Green Living

Wind energy is a great way to improve the world through adding renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that is generated and does not deplete the world’s resources. Renewable energy lowers energy cost in medium and long-term while preserving the earth. Using wind energy for homeowners, ranchers. farmers and small business owners to reduce costs and secure your energy supply.

How to Utilize Green Energy for Electricity?

Natural energy sources on our surroundings offer enough sustainability. Finding a way to make use of these energy is one vital part.

Five Eco Friendly Home Improvement Bathroom Ideas

So, you want to start living the “Green Lifestyle”, but you are not sure where to start. How about the bathroom?

How Green Gadgets Have Become Popular

There is a growing concern about the environment and this has translated into a movement whereby people buy and use green gadgets.) Carbon credits, carbon footprint, eco-friendly devices, solar power, kinetic energy, water conservation, energy saving, zero emission vehicles – these are only a few of the buzzwords of the green movement. For the older generation who is now concerned about environmental problems and the type of problems the children are going to inherit, to the younger generation which is going ahead and trying to solve environmental problems and becoming more socially conscious, the movement to go green has…

Green Home Improvements: Take Advantage of Tax Credits for Energy-Saving Home Improvements

Green home improvements have been encouraged in recent years through the offering of tax incentives. For people interested in making their homes more energy efficient and gaining the tax benefits at the same time, here are some tips to help you understand what types of green home improvements qualify for a tax credit and how to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn your benefit.

A Simple and Practical Way to Power Your Home With Biofuel

Although many people would love to be able to heat their homes with alternative energy, most are discouraged by the high cost or they find in most cases it is impractical. Most just stick with what works and stay on the grid and use energy mainly from fossil fuels. But their is a form of biofuel that is very practical for many homes.

Eco-Friendly Properties – The Sustainable Future

The growing number of environmentally conscious people create an increasing demand for energy-saving and sustainable solutions in their homes. Eco-friendly properties are huge part of the sustainable future, aiming not only to have houses that are cheaper to run, but are homes in harmony with the environment surrounding them.

An Eco-Friendly House Brings You Closer to the Environment

No doubt, man is the most intelligent among all the species present on earth. While the intelligence of man led to new innovations on one hand, it caused a lot of harm to our environment on the other. As a matter of fact, all of us are responsible for the present state of our environment.

Solar Panel Cells – Harnessing the Power of Sun

The Global warming, continuous population growth, economy crisis and power shortage are all things that lead in the discovery of the uses of solar energy. Of course the word “solar energy” is not new to most of us, for when we talk about solar energy; we are simply referring to the power that comes from the sun. This abundant energy which is the light that comes from the sun is the main source of solar energy.

Can Solar Energy Power the Future?

The truth on fossil fuels is that it has limited availability. Although we may see numerous gasoline stations on every street corner, sources for fossil fuels are limited by the present volume we have right now.

Start “Going Green” by Changing Your Lifestyle and Habits

When it comes to “go green” ideas, there really is no shortage of ways in which you can change your life to help the environment. In fact, a lot of people are put off by the fact that there is so much they feel they “should” be doing. To many this can be very overwhelming.

Custom Green Home Builder

Green building is not just good for the environment, but can also be beneficial to your wallet as well. A good green home should run efficiently and cleanly; the lack of wasted energy can make a huge difference in your energy bills every month.

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