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Contemplating a Transition to the Cloud? – Think SharePoint

Since the release of Office 365, we have been getting deluged with questions about its features and benefits. There are a lot of people seem to have the idea that it’s only all about Outlook, Exchange and the ability to have the latest version of Microsoft Office. And while those are important features (each with their own unique benefits), one of the least understood components of the offering is SharePoint Online and how to use it to aid in a transition to the cloud.

Managed Services and Pareto’s Law

Pareto’s Law is prevalent in almost everything we do. Nowhere is it more so than with Managed Services.

Engineering Dreams And Passion For The Math And Sciences

I remember as a child having a desire to understand how things worked which became a passion which inspired me to aim my focus in the math and sciences and provided me the opportunity to take on the rigors of pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at one of the finest institution of higher education that has been a major part of my life in so many ways. I tried to capture that interest and desire while sharing my personal experiences as a college student studying at Virginia Tech and Nassau Community College. Upon completing my education at Virginia Tech I studied further in pursuit of an accounting degree at Hofstra University. We are all trying to learn so we can make our own contributions and take pride in ourselves and our accomplishments which I envisioned as a young child with a need to learn the inner workings of things as an engine and the resistor radio I built from store kits. I also have fond memories of launching Estes rockets with my dad who also taught me. Those experiences impacted me to develop and learn and now I share it in my writings which I think is pretty special & cool!

Working With Computers And Turning It Into A Profession

If basic or more profound technical computer knowledge happens to reveal the geek in you at a young age, chances are that a young person’s career finds its turn in the computer industry. Working with computers is a rewarding path to consider if that is where the heart lies.

Features to Be Included in Ecommerce Website

Websites have become the primary medium for communicating with clients these days; thereby, an excellent E commerce web site design is important to own a successful venture. Website designing is a relatively up-to-the-minute field; wherein, you being not so technically sound might not have a complete idea on what sort of features your E commerce website design should have. The objective of a website dealing in E commerce should be able to create more and more consumers to return to the website and get as many more transactions as possible. This article discusses further about the tips and features that are essential to be included to bring success to your e commerce enterprise.

How Web-To-Print Can Grow a Wide Format Print Business and Enhance Existing Customer Relationships

This article explains how offering a web-to-print (W2P) portal is a logical extension to a large-format print workflow, streamlining job capture for the printer and adding convenience for customers. It can attract new business but can be implemented with existing customers without requiring any restructuring of the business. ‘Software as a service’ licensing removes the financial and IT resource hurdles for smaller wide-format print providers.

Why Use Wireless HDMI Along With Other Innovative Presentation Tools

With the advancement of technology these days, there is a need for you to update yourself as to how you would use such technology. You can actually consult the tech experts.

E-Readers Vs. Tablets – Are They Different?

Some technology experts claim that the tablet computers have killed the e-readers. Though both of them are mobile devices that share some similarities, tablets and electronic readers have distinctive characteristics, as well.

Open Source Software and Its Benefits in Enterprises

The benefits of open source are being understood more and more in the enterprise. There is rarely an organization or an enterprise that does not use open source products and technologies today. Today the era of open source for mission critical systems is making significant headway.

Should I Be Concerned About Screen Resolution When Buying a Tablet?

Tablets are gaining more and more popularity because of the flexibility that these mobile devices provide. Many people use such devices to view photos, videos and other kinds of multimedia. When such modes of usage are involved, the screen resolution is of significant importance

4 Important Facts About Web Designers

A web designer creates a website. He is tasked to come up with a good idea for a certain website and translate it into art that people can see. Because of this, a web designer is regarded as an artist. While web designing started to exist in the mid 1990s, it has been seen by people today as a coveted job in the technology world.

Benefits Of Using Headsets From Reliable Providers

Using headsets is ideal for businesses in order to communicate with clients properly. Moreover, with the help of reliable providers, businesses can improve their performance and provide better features.

Environmental Automation – Control Office Environmental Features Remotely From the Internet

Office temperature and lighting settings can be controlled remotely over the internet. This eliminates having to depend on people to manage environmental controls. Solutions like the XBUS are used for environmental automation and remote control over the web.

What Will the Hummingbird Update Do to Our SEO Efforts?

What is the “Hummingbird?” It’s Google’s new searching algorithm they are employing. A new algorithm Google says is designed to deliver better returns, hence, better search results. What does a Search Algorithm Mean? It is a term for the equation that is built into the computer searching program Google uses to sort the millions of web pages it stores to return results that are believed the best match for the search term entered, known as a “Keyword.” Is the ‘PageRank algorithm’ not working anymore? PageRank remains as one of 225 parts that make up the Hummingbird equation. PageRank is designated as the importance page links are supposed to have, among factors as whether Google thinks a page is good quality or not, the text on it and other factors.

Promote Your Business by Choosing the Right Marketing Agency

Over the years, there has been a significant change in content creation and digital promotions. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your business stays up to date with all the latest trends in the industry. Marketing is not a very new concept, and you can easily find a number of companies which have years of experience in promoting your business.

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