I was wrong about Lithium Titanate batteries. But should you use them for solar? 2020 Update

I was wrong about Lithium Titanate batteries. But should you use them for solar? 2020 Update

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Mini Houses – Why Anyone Would Want to Live in One

Houses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, often pushing design and architecture to its limits. I’m sure we have all seen a structure or 2 at some point that seemed to defy all natural logic or reasoning.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Designs

Firewise landscaping is quite common in Arizona, but we don’t frequently hear as much about eco-friendly landscaping. Given the challenges of landscaping in the Phoenix area, eco-friendly landscaping is often overlooked. The reality is that it’s easily accomplished no matter what kind of landscaping you’re adding to your back yard or garden.

How Your Home Can Save the World

What exactly is a ‘Passive House?’ It is a self sustained house which is far more eco friendly than all other forms of housing being used today. It is a very effective form of the green movement. The green movement has been basically centered on solar heating panels and eco friendly cleaning supplies, using products like these to help people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Live Green, Clean Green: Earth-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Choosing to be green is a step that highly contributes to the well being of the earth and the cleaning tasks in your home or business should not be exempt from such contribution. Carpet floors might not require the regular deep cleaning like other floor types. However it is very important to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every 12 months.

Rain Barrels – How To Conserve Water

Rain barrels of water and rainwater tanks are becoming a key part of life in areas that have contributed to recent climate change. Previous generations, the water was stored in barrels, tanks and reservoirs.

How Long Will Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels, once installed, will generate electricity for the home as long as the sun is shining. While there are numerous advantages to solar panels, the single biggest disadvantage is cost. Subsidies and tax incentives have made it possible for people to purchase and install solar panels and earn a reasonable return as long as the solar panels will remain in operation for a sufficiently long period of time. Thus, it is worth posing a question that is seldom asked. How long will solar panels last?

The Importance of Water Conservation

What is the importance of water conservation? Well water conservation is very important for a number of different reasons. One of the biggest is to save money.

Why Hydroponic Greenhouses Will Save The World

Hydroponics is one of the least known green technologies, but as agricultural land is swallowed up by development and as agricultural pollution increases every year in the effort to yield more produce per acre, hydroponics becomes an absolutely vital technology. Hydroponics uses up to 90% less water and 50% less nutrients than traditional field agriculture, while producing nearly 10 times the amount of produce per acre.

Is Solar Power Right for You?

Alternative energy sources, especially the sun, are available throughout the year. The supply for alternative energy is abundant and is free of charge whenever you need it. Though abundant throughout the year, still it has its own limitations that we should see.

Grouping Plants Together

Plant like to be regrouped together because the give off water vapor, which makes the surrounding air humid and gives them a happy growing environment. From an aesthetic point of view too, a group of well-thought-out plants will make a stronger statement in a room than several individual pots spaced around randomly, The decor of your home plays an important role in your choice of houseplants, so make this your starting point. Consider the style of the room and your choice of wallpaper or paint.

Solar Deck Lights for Easy Outdoor Lighting

Solar deck lights are one of the easiest solutions for outdoor lighting available. Whether you’re lighting up your deck or your front steps outdoor solar lights can be the answer. Outdoor lighting used to be a real hassle, but not anymore. You can use the power of the sun to charge the batteries in your lights for bright lighting wherever you need it.

Pros and Cons of Solar Residential Energy

With predictions of an apocalyptic future and the catastrophe of running out of resources dictating headlines of major newspapers every second day, most people are making a conscious decision to reduce their carbon footprint. However, is solar electricity really the solution that the world is looking for? Here is separating the fact from fiction about solar electricity and its cousin passive solar water heating

Photovoltaic Power For Your Home

If you are ready to make a real commitment to energy efficiency and green living for your home, it is time to consider installing a photovoltaic system. Photovoltaics are the latest in green technology.

Solar Panel Cost Price Analysis – Advantages and Disadvantages

A look at the price and cost of solar panels, and a few other important factors. This should help you decide which type of solar panels are best for your requirements.

Going Green at Christmas: What Is Greener, A Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

What is greener, a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree? The two options are compared.

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