How to Make a DIY Battery Bank for Your Solar Panels

How to Make a DIY Battery Bank for Your Solar Panels

How to Generate Your Own Solar Power From Home:

The first step in designing your DIY battery bank is calculating how much electricity you typically use -known as your electricity load. There are two methods to calculate your load:

First, you can look at your previous electricity usage. If you are already connected to the grid, simply look at your total electricity use for the last 12 months and divide by 365 to get your daily average.
If you aren’t connected to the grid, you probably don’t have any data on your previous energy use. In this case, you’ll need to calculate how much electricity you need by adding up the wattage of all the electrical devices in the home and estimating how many hours you’ll use them each day.

DIY Solar: Your Ultimate DIY Solar Panel Guide

A Green Refrigerator – Can The Economics of Going Organic Be Found In Your Icebox?

I like my organic lettuces bright green or red and very crispy. I like my strawberries covered in dew just as if they were fresh picked. Can the economics of going organic be found in my icebox or to use the more appropriate vernacular refrigerator? Let’s address the factors necessary to answer this question. How old is my refrigerator and does it matter? Do I need to purchase a newer model and can I afford the purchase? What percentage of my home’s electricity is being used by the refrigerator? Does a truly green/organic icebox exist?

Is The Future of Solar Power Out of This World?

The future of solar power looks very bright. The biggest renewable energy source, and the indirect source of all our power here on earth, is the sun. It is renewable, clean, and causes no environmental problems, plus it will always be there. We have a potential source that could provide for all our energy needs.

Gardening Using the Ebb and Flow Approach

There are so many alternatives when it comes to providing plants with several nutrients without the help of those soils and dirt. Two of the better replacements are known as the ebb and flow system and the fill and drain system. The ebb and flow approach is a strategy to let plants grow by using water as the main medium in endowing them with the nutrients they need.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Magnetic Generator

There has been a lot of controversy over the issue of the best alternative energy source as our next green energy solution; there have also been many questions about the Magniworks generator. I have answered some of the most common questions to the best of my knowledge. What is a magnetic generator?

How to Live Off Grid and Save Money With a Home Made Solar Energy System

We have to face the truth that fossil fuels is an exhaustible resources. Sooner or later, we have to generate power from alternative sources. Why don’t we start now? We can initiate the change by living off grid. Home made solar panels can potentially eliminating our energy bills while improving the quality of our lives.

Going Natural For Green Energy

In trying to look past the advancements that man has made, nature will still provide the needs of humans and will also take from man. But man has a tendency of intentionally over looking the obvious to our fossil fuel crisis. It is now natures time to stop man from taking any further advantage of earths rich resources and stop the destruction of the land. Yet, no one will take responsibility in our current situation and the damage cannot be reversed or undone. We must start somewhere to prevent any further damage to our environment and try to help by doing as much as we can.

Green Technology Benefits Modern Houses

In the modern time of recessions and inflation one has to think the ways to cut the expenses wherever possible. Green real estate companies would provide you such architects who put the emphasis on choosing the best available green technology options. On the other hand, you should use energy saving green technology appliances for your house to save further energy, electrical appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, ironing machines, washing machines, or any other home appliances are nowadays available with an energy efficient characteristic. After looking into the economical facts a moral leverage is also necessary, as a human being it is our responsibility to save the nature and keep the environmental sustainability alive. If you follow all the tips and advises provided in this guide then undeniably you will save up to 75% of your electrical expenses and on the other hand you will shoot your house’s resale value sky high.

My HomeMade Energy Review

I have reviewed several of the leading renewable energy D.I.Y. guides. This has allowed me to evaluate each guide on its own. It has also allowed me to compare the guides with each other. To find the guide that is best suited for you, you need to know the particular strengths of each D.I.Y. course. In this article I will share with you some of my findings of my Homemade Energy review.

Read My Latest Earth4Energy Review

Earth4Energy is currently one of the leading D.I.Y. guides to making renewable energy at home. In particular, Earth4Energy focuses on the building of solar panels and wind turbines at home for a fraction of retail costs. I have reviewed the Earth4Energy guide. Here is a summary of my findings.

My Green DIY Energy Review

Over the last few weeks I have reviewed a number of different renewable energy D.I.Y. guides. This has enabled me to not only review each guide on its’ own but also to compare them with each other. Each guide has its’ own strength and weaknesses. When considering buying one of these guides you should match its’ strength with your individual requirements. In other words, find a guide that meets your specific needs. In this article, I will summarize some of the main findings of my Green D.I.Y. Energy review.

What Waste or Junk Do You Produce That Is Good For Recycling?

How Much Junk Do We Put Into Trash Bags for the Sanitation Department Now? I am a single man. My demographic cross-section of the population probably generates the least amount of trash in a given month.

Are Cordless Lawn Mowers Really Environmentally Friendly?

One of the reasons given by manufacturers for buying cordless lawn mowers is that they are more environmentally friendly than their gas powered counterparts. But is this really the case? This article takes a closer look at these claims and attempts to unveil the truth.

The Power of Wind

They were endless; I couldn’t keep from staring at them. The blades were so thin and seemed to move so slowly. I thought, “how could they possibly make electricity?”

How To Power Your Entire House Without Spending A Cent On Bills

There is a way that you can actually access free electricity, on a permanent basis, quickly, easily and cheaply – and I am going to show you how. But first, let’s explore the more traditional ways of harnessing energy from nature, and transforming into real, usable electricity.

Definition: History Of The Quest For Power

The world in which we live today based its continued development in the growing energy consumption in some of its variants: oil, gas, coal, electricity, etc. The issue of energy had been revealing to specialists for some decades, especially since the 1970’s, when oil-producing countries increased its value to numbers never provided (and continue to rise even today). It was then that oil-consuming countries realized that it was vitally important to seek alternative energy sources to those previously mentioned, since all belong to the category of energy sources “nonrenewable”

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