Does my 13kW Offgrid Solar System require Grounding? Is it Grounded?

Does my 13kW Offgrid Solar System require Grounding? Is it Grounded?

I follow Mike Holt and ABYC for grounding considerations:
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Planting Trees To Earn Carbon Credits

These days, lowering the carbon footprint is one of the major aims of many individuals and organizations. One of the ways to achieve this noble goal is through tree planting for carbon credits. The more trees are planted, the more credits are earned, which will be economically and environmentally beneficial.

Reversing Land Pollution

Pollution of the earth is difficult to reverse. A lot of the time things are simply dumped in a landfill and sealed. There are however soil remediation techniques that work but prove to be rather costly and tedious. It is an absolutely necessary expense and new technologies like performance enhancing plants are offering innovative solutions.

A Little Information on Candles

People usually don’t use candles because of the wax and the soot that it leaves behind after it has burned out. So you should consider using candles where you won’t have to worry about the wax or the soot. There are some candles in the market that don’t have a wick so they don’t require a flame for burning. But they are fragrant candles and the fragrance that they give out cannot be missed. Instead of using air fresheners all the time you can use these to make your home fragrant. there are many brands manufacturing these.

Some General Facts About Solar Energy Which You May Find Interesting

Do you know that the global demand for solar energy exceeds than its supply? Solar energy has several uses via its photovoltaic cells for water heating and production of electricity and even drying our clothes.

The Fascinating History and Facts About Solar Energy

So where did it all began? There would be no facts about solar energy sans knowing the history behind how it all came about. Read on about the interesting history and facts about solar energy.

More Facts About Solar Energy – Revealed!

You may already have heard so much about some facts about solar energy and its uses, benefits and disadvantages. However, there are times when it is hard to distinguish whether what you are reading about are really facts about solar energy or merely opinions.

Green Plumbing – It’s Great!

People are becoming more and more conscious about being and living a more green life. Because of this there has been an increasing interest in having green plumbing installed over the past few years. Why wouldn’t people become interested in it? Green plumbing doesn’t only contribute to the slowing down of the constant depletion of resources for fresh water but will lower your water bill as well! We want there to be fresh clean water for our children right? So, we all have to do our part.

Green Guide for Today’s Household

Everyone knows about the constant talk about going green and helping are planet’s environmental issues. But, are there any rules to follow or should we really be concerned? That is why I decided to write this “Green Guide for Today’s Household”, a short guide to help you make decisions about green living.

Do Magnetic Power Generators Really Work?

The new topic that many people are now discussing in the energy field is alternative sources of energy. People are much concerned about this subject because of the depletion of the other sources of energy. The production of fuel or other sources is not enough to cover the need.

Your Guide for a Magnetic Power Generator

Many people are growing with the concept of renewable energy sources, and becoming more and more familiar with them. An example of such energy resources wind turbines and solar panels. You will find many people using solar systems or windmills to generate electricity to power their homes if certain requirements are met.

Go Green With Solar Lighting

The “Earth” is not something to take lightly; it is just as fragile as a glass vase. We the occupants of this planet must protect it at all cost. People seem to take things for granted and when they break, they say “Oh Well” as if we can replace it as easy as we broke it. It is important to prevent damage to this earth of ours, before it happens and solar lights are one way to help in doing that. In today’s world going green with solar lighting is the key, to not just saving money, but saving the planet from green house gases, that are destroying our future and future generations to come.

Can We Live In An Eco Heaven?

Discover ways support the environment for future generations. Learn to simplify your life and you will soon realize that green living is personally satisfying knowing that you did right by mother nature.

What You Need To Know About Green Electricity

We all know what is electricity and what is the importance of electricity in our life. Even a child knows that without electricity supply the TV, fan, AC, geyser etc does not work. But very few people know about green electricity.

Green Energy – Build Your Own Solar Panel And Save Money

Who wouldn’t love cheap or free electricity? It is an achievable goal. There are several options available to you. Two of the most popular choices are using the wind or the sun. Unfortunately the cost of the system can make the dream seem unattainable. Factory made solar panels for example, can cost hundreds of dollars each. Don’t give up however, because you can be build your own solar panel and save money.

Solar Powered Money Saver

Many of us know first hand the increasing expenses for traditional electrical and power sources. Living ‘off the grid’ means the replacing these methods of power and electricity use with renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. This move can literally save you hundreds of dollars in electric expenses and will heat your home, light your room and even cook your food!

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