DIY 13kW 48V Offgrid Solar System: How to build it from scratch!

DIY 13kW 48V Offgrid Solar System: How to build it from scratch!

Parts List (affiliate links):
LV6548 All in one Solar System:
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Class T Fuse (use this instead of the circuit breaker):
2/0 Gauge Welding Cable for DC side:
6 gauge SO Cord:
LiFePO4 batteries:
Current Connected Bus bars:
Victron Shunt for SOC tracking:
Drywall anchors:
150A Circuit Breaker (for isolating individual packs):
pre-charge resistor:

Updates to this system: bonding the grounds closer on the busbar. also added t class fuses instead of circuit breakers because my battery is so large now.

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The Eco-Living

Eco-living can be simply defined as tomorrow’s way of living. It’s an advanced, environment friendly and low cost accommodation. Essentially an eco-living relies on a set of factors that can be merely applied to different scales of projects increasing the standards for energy efficiency and can be applied to both private and national housing schemes.

Going Green Saves Money In the Long Run

It has Drawn closer to a Place in time where Everyone has to Strive to do there part in helping Rescue the environment, Everywhere we look People and businesses are going environmentally friendly. You are Continually hearing On the subject of how someone or another has won some Form of award for taking charge and going green. I Suppose that a bunch of companies took advantage of tax breaks and government grants for turning to green solutions.

Easy DIY Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are becoming very popular as an alternative energy source but high costs of buying pre-manufactured panels and hiring an installer are off putting to many homeowners. But an increasingly popular and highly cost-effective solution is learning how to build and install your own s0lar panels. After all creating one panel for less than $200 is appealing and realistic. Plus recouping the initial outlay in a matter of months instead of decades makes a lot more sense.

What Is Clean Energy?

What is Clean Energy? Clean energy refers to renewable energy. The name says it all.

Can You Really Make Solar Panel Systems on Your Own?

In this day and age, many people are sincerely interested in green living. It’s become a priority for many families. The reasons why make perfect sense. Many people love the idea of living greener by making a solar panel system because they want to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Tips On How To Build A Wind Turbine

Learning how to build a wind turbine can be an excellent solution to your exorbitant utility bills. A wind powered generator is a simple and inexpensive alternative energy that can seriously save you money for years to come. The benefits of wind energy go beyond just saving money. Your decision to convert will be a step on the way to a greener, healthier planet free from the choking emissions from our current coal and gas powered plants.

Enjoy the Charms of Free Power at Home

Conventional forms of producing electricity now have become so expensive that not everyone is able to afford the sky-high prices of the bills. They are hardly left with any money after they pay their utility bills or some don’t even have money to even pay the bills. This is because those fossil fuels, of which electricity is produced, are getting very expensive now and likewise the amount on the electricity bill is likely to increase.

Magnetic Power Generator: Zero Point Energy

Since thousands of years ago, people have been using magnets, even from around when the Romans were the strongest empire in the world. They were using them to satisfy a lot of their needs. Therefore, you can say that the magnetic power generators existed since then.

Magnetic Power Generator: A Perpetual Motion Machine

The magnetic power generator is a machine that provides energy for ever, so it was called perpetual or everlasting motion machine. This kind of device works in a continuous manner without interruptions or help from a third-party. This device perpetual motion can be easily understood since it works under the principles of thermodynamics.

Magnetic Power Generators: The Solution For Diminishing World Energy

The world today is going towards a global energy crisis in a slow but definite motion. All the current sources such as fuel or gasoline are depleting sources of energy that will finish one day. As a result, we should take enough measurements to find a solution.

Magnetic Power Generators: The New Renewable Energy

We all want to reduce our electricity bills that we pay each month for the utility companies. It is always our aim to reduce our energy expenses due to the increasing costs. It would a very cool thing to have our own generator at home that would satisfy our energy needs.

Magnetic Power Generator Will Help to Solve the Energy Crisis

It is a must for all of us to get enough knowledge about the new alternative sources of energy, especially the younger generations. This way we can have all the necessary information about the renewable energies, and the types of projects that can be built out of these technologies. One of these energy resources is the magnetic power generator.

Magnetic Power Generators A Myth?

It is for sure a shocking surprise for most of you to learn that you can make your own energy at your home. It may sound a mission impossible for some to create electricity in one’s house without the need for very sophisticated machines. You may also think that it is not feasible because there is no prior infrastructure in your house adaptable to such system.

Wind Versus Solar Power for Your Home

A solar power system and a wind power system share basically the same concept. Both of them provide an independent, renewable source of electricity generation for your home. However, their methods of generation are completely different from one another and this leads to a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages for choosing the best method for your home. There are several factors that lead to deciding if wind power or solar power is better for your home.

Simple Energy Conservation Techniques You Need to Know

Advances in technology over recent years have meant that alternative energy – solar energy, wind energy and geo-thermal energy – is not only more readily available but is also more economical. Whether you are sourcing the energy you are using traditionally or from renewable energy sources, make sure to use it wisely and efficiently. Be a conscious energy user at home, workplace and everywhere – in fact, always. There are hundreds of practical ways to reduce energy consumption, mostly involving returning to the basics of life. Incorporating simple green habits into your daily routine will not only promote your health but will help the environment as well.

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