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Why Agile Transitions Fail?

As humans tend to be creatures of habit, patterns begin to form from one agile transition to another. Some of these patterns are healthy and others if left unspotted can most assuredly lead to failure. The following are five patterns those making an Agile transition should familiarize themselves with.

Your Team’s Daily Stand Up Is Not Only About Three Questions? (Many Teams Have Trouble With This?)

A wise rastafarian once sang the words, “Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights.” Yes, the famous singer I’m referencing is Bob Marley, a man with a number of fantastic reggae songs. The chorus of this particular song “Get Up, Stand Up” is definitely something that those practicing Scrum can learn a thing or two from. In Scrum, the Daily Standup or Daily Scrum is an organizational event meant to synchronize the development team working on a project. It is not only about the three questions everyone asks…

Preventative Measures Against Identity Theft

Every online user needs to be protected from identity theft. According to studies, identity theft continues to increase. Typical identity theft occur when an authorized persons access personal information, such as personal names, Social Security number or ATM card pin numbers to commit fraud.

5 Types of HDMI Cables You Can Buy

Are you planning to buy an HDMI Cable? Not a bad idea at all. With HDMI, you can watch movies and TV shows on the larger screen of your LCD or LED TV.

The Rise And Rise Of The Machine

It would appear based on relatively recent trends that sooner rather than later Homo sapiens will morph into Homo robotus. Just as likely, Homo robotus will share the world or will be supplanted by Robot robotus. It’s all due to the rise and rise of the machine.

Buying Guidelines for Cables

If you are like me and can’t differentiate the plethora of cables from each other, then you need a simple description and guide to buying them. I’d like to introduce you the cable classification system and then hopefully once that is out of the way we can get down to the business of guidelines to buying cables.

HDMI Cable for a Movie Hall Experience

If you don’t have an HDMI cable these days, you are missing out on a lot. Cable TV rates are moving north with each passing day and there are times when you simply don’t want to pay your cable bill. On the other hand, movies and other TV programs can be easily downloaded online. With your HDMI cable, you can connect your PC or laptop with your TV and watch your favorite movies and TV programs on a larger screen.

FAQs About Wondershare DVD Creator

How do you add music to the slideshow? This is easy. This is because all you need to do is to select the photo slideshow, click on the “edit” button and then choose “music”. You should then click the “add background music” button in order to add the music to the slideshow. You should note that for ideal results you should add one song at a time.

Hurricane Sandy Was Even Impressed With Modular Buildings, So Is The Rest Of The World

The word ‘impressive’ may not even be strong enough to describe the leap and developments of modular buildings. The concept is definitely turning round heads, and this is no surprise when we are in the midst of an economic recovery and counting the pennies seems ever more important.

Difference Between CD Duplication and Replication

While CD duplication and replication may sound alike and may both result in a CD containing your data, they are actually two very different processes. Understanding both can help you determine which might be a better fit for your needs.

What The End of Net Neutrality Could Mean For You

The end of free and open access to the Internet could be looming in the not too distant future. It could eventually change the competitive landscape for business owners and have a negative impact on consumers. This article focuses on the current debate with the FCC and Congress, and who stands to benefit from changes to the information super highway.

Why Retrospectives Help Teams?

Michael Jordan has a rather famous quote about teamwork that basketball fans and non-basketball fans alike may be familiar with. The quote is, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Retrospectives enhances team work, and collective intelligence of the team.

Comic Con and Your Technology

If you have ever been lucky enough to go to comic con, then you will know that you tend to take a lot of technology with you. You will need a phone so that you can update your social networks when you are there, so that all of your friends are jealous. Furthermore, you will need a camera so that you can take photos of everything that you see. Yes, at comic con, you will have to queue up and buy a professional photo with a famous person, so cameras are not as important as phones, but you will want to make sure that you can a picture of everything else.

Fading Ink

This article is about the death of Britannica and the transition of information into virtual world. With the Wikipedia, now, it has become easy to access information much more than what the Britannica could provide.

How To Burn A Movie Using Wondershare DVD Creator

Wondershare DVD creator has been used for a long time in creating home movies to DVD. The good side with the tool is that it’s cost effective. The tool is also easy to use; therefore, you can use it even if you have minimal technical knowledge.

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