Ask me anything (Livestream 7/3/2020)

Ask me anything (Livestream 7/3/2020)

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Why A Solar Charger Is Good

A solar charger can be useful as we sometimes forget to charge up our home electric items that need to be. Another saving is that it does reduce electricity maintenance costs.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative Clothes Softeners

The clothes softener products in stores contain some suspicious chemicals. Have you ever read the back of the box or bottle?

Solar Power Kits – Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar power generator built from solar power kits not only helps you lower your electricity bills but also helps the environment by reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. The biggest advantage of using solar power kits is they are cheap and it is quite easy to follow the instructions and build a generator which generates free electricity.

Radiator Panels – An Eco Friendly Essential

There are so many eco-friendly products that can save us money and reduce the impact we have on the environment; however, some are more effective than others, and when it comes to energy saving and reducing our heating bills there is one essential everybody should have – the radiator panel. Radiator panels are such a cheap, simple and yet highly effective method of reducing energy consumption, it is incredible that not every home has them. The simplicity is what makes them such a good eco-friendly solution.

Winter Money Saving Gadgets

Winter is a time of year where it not only gets cold and dark but we see a rise in our heating and lighting bills. The cold nights means we need the central heating on for a lot longer while the darkness keeps us indoors using more lighting and power. But winter is a good time to look at some of the ways we produce heat for our homes – and lighting – and look to cheaper more eco friendly solutions.

Make A Solar System – Find The Steps And Amazing Benefits Of Generating Your Own

Due to the growing energy costs, homeowners are anxiously looking for ways to lower their monthly power bills. One way of cutting your utility expenses would be to make solar system which is genuinely economical to use at home. Due to this simple fact, to make way up 646.8 Ah for every day we’ll have to have not less than thirteen batteries.

Green Techniques for Tile Cleaning

Traditional cleaning products can leave a toxic footprint. These tips for cleaning your tile are safe for the environment, your floors, and your family.

Be More Energy Efficient When You Bake

One of the biggest consumers of electricity in your home is your electric oven. If you do a lot of baking, you definitely use a lot of electricity.

Watt’s Up With Solar Panels – Learning About Volts, Amps and Watts in the Solar World

Learn about the various electrical characteristics of solar panels. Find out about a photovoltaic module’s amp, voltage and the difference between watts and watt-hours.

Solar Panel Basics and Technologies Today

Learn about the basic types of solar panel technologies available today for generating electricity for your home. Solar power systems are no longer for satellites and extreme DIY homes, they are becoming a mainstream part of the modern home.

Going Green – Simple Steps to Save Energy at Home

Sometimes we overlook the obvious with saving money on our energy cost. These few simple steps can help you save hundreds of dollars each and every year on your utility cost. Below I have listed ways that you can save money on your energy cost starting today.

Why We Should Definitely Use Rain Barrels

Rain barrels make a fantastic addition to any property. Not only do they aid you conserve money, but they can have a superb effect on the preservation of the earth’s organic assets. Regardless of the truth that rain barrels are genuinely low upkeep, it is genuinely crucial that they are taken care of appropriately to preserve your water clear and your barrel valuable for various many years to arrive.

Keys to Saving Money With Solar Heating Systems

The use of natural resources has been in the news a lot in the last few years and for good reason. It’s no secret that we are using up our natural resource reserves at an alarming rate. Both business owners and homeowners are exploring the feasibility and their options when it comes to using solar heating systems that can save them money.

Green Home Remodeling Helps You Live a Low-Impact Eco-Friendly Life

Reducing your carbon footprint and engaging in low-impact living means more than simply recycling newspapers. It can expand into nearly every aspect of your life.

Solar Water Heaters Are Starting to Heat Up Thanks to the Sun

Solar water heaters are becoming very common across the U.S. Reports indicate that more people are turning to solar water heaters as the way to break into solar without breaking the bank. Many people that have true interest in solar as a way to replace their utility companies have a hard time understanding the economics of solar so often times starting small makes sense.

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