$456 120Ah LiFePO4 Battery Part 2: I got ripped off

$456 120Ah LiFePO4 Battery Part 2: I got ripped off

More information about this test: I top balanced the cells for a few hours and they arrived at the same voltage. Also, this manufacturer sells 105Ah cells that look identical to these, so I am guessing that is what they are using.

And yes, I will get my money back even though this pack is disassembled. This is not the first time I’ve done this, and if pack capacity is falsely advertised, I will get a refund.

Also, I am getting a lot of strange comments below from folks that must be new to this channel. Please watch my beginner videos if you do not understand how my LiFePO4 capacity tests are conducted. Or to understand what coulomb meters I prefer. These are very common 105Ah cells that have been seen in my other older videos. Nothing special. Peukert effect is NOT a concern. And we tested at .2C rate. Which is industry standard for testing this chemistry. And lvd of this BMS is also standard, and will pull full capacity every single time.

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Solar Power – A Powerful and Greener Technology

Energy needs have risen considerably in the last few decades and the growing tendency to complete each task through dedicated machines will sure take it higher. All are aware of the growing and hazardous effects of smoke and emissions which are so much a part of all the conventional sources of energy. The most intelligent way to stop this and still continue with an abundant flow of energy would be to switch to cleaner choices like the Solar Energy.

Utilize the Power of Sun to Maximum Advantage Using Solar Panels

Sun is the most ancient source of energy used by human race and our ancestors have utilized the abundant energy to accomplish many daily important tasks. With growing concern that surrounds the availability of various energy sources its time that one understands and also utilize the solar energy to maximum use. Solar Heating can be the best answer to compensate for our depleting energy sources.

The Future of Energy Reserve on the Planet

The world today needs more sources of renewable energy to not just meet the ever increasing needs but also to ensure a constant supply of an energy resource. The climate change issue is another one big reason that all are turning towards the renewable resources. Apart from the non-exhaustible nature and cost-effectiveness these energy sources give, the one biggest advantage of using these renewable source of energy is the cleaner environment for they in no way contribute to any harmful changes on the planet.

Photo Voltaic Cell, a Great Way to Utilize Clean Energy From the Universal Source – Sun

The uses of solar energy to accomplish many everyday tasks have been known throughout history. From drying clothes to purifying water and preserving those perishable food materials, the solar energy touted to be a clean energy form has seen a drastic increase in popularity and usage in the past few decades. Saying that now is the best time to install solar power in your homes and other buildings will be making a statement that stands practically true.

Solar Panel Information – Your Property Requirements – Installing PV and Thermals

Do I need a South-facing roof? No! Companies that will provide free solar panels will require that your roof is directly South facing. However, if you are paying for the panels and therefore eligible to get the full benefit of the feed in tariff and reduced electricity bills, then your roof does not need to be South facing.

Switch to Cleaner Sources of Energy Like Wind Power and Solar Lighting

With decreasing quantities of commonly used energy sources it is essential that the world now shift its focus to renewable sources of energy. These forms of energy does not only cut down the energy cost but also help to prevent further deterioration of the environment. Sun is the largest source of energy and all kinds of renewable sources of energy are directly or indirectly linked to solar energy.

Renewable Energy – Cleaner, Greener, Efficient and Cost-Effective, Defining the Future of Power

The growing demands of energy resources have lead scientists now explore newer methods and resources that can help in energy production but in a cleaner and greener way. The Renewable Energy source is described as the cleanest, greenest and inexhaustible forms of energy that will continue to power the planet not just today but even in the future. Today these Renewable Energy forms like the solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and also energy from the water and plants all combined called as green energy is being put to various constructive uses.

Solar Panel Information – Top 10 Myths – Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Panels

A list of popular misconceptions about installing and getting quotes for photovoltaic and thermal solar panels. Myths on: solar panel prices, solar panel information, installing solar panels and your property requirements.

Go Green – Save the Earth, Use Green Energy

The planet earth, now facing tremendous problems related to high temperature and climatic changes, needs energy sources that are greener, cleaner and release no harmful gases or products after use. Today Green Energy is the new in-thing that are being used for being cleaner and releasing no harmful chemicals or gases. Any energy resource, which is renewable, clean, and obtained from the natural environment, is considered to be included in the Green Energy sources.

Simple Composting For Sustainability

Composting is one of the best things you can do for your home as well as your community. Composting promotes soil health, healthy eco-system, and helps prevent soil erosion. Here are some simple tips that will help you make composting a habit in your home and community.

Gas Mileage – How to Improve Your Average Miles Per Gallon and Save Money Now!

Did you know that only 15 percent of the fuel that you put in to your car actually gets used while the rest is lost? With the cost of gas prices rising with no end in site and the economy in the current state that it is in everyone is trying to save as much money at the pump as they possibly can. When you take the time to improve your average miles per gallon in the car you drive you will begin to save money instantly!

The Viability of Using Wind Power

Have you ever stood outside for any length of time and thought that wind power was the way to go to solve the world’s electricity problems? In some countries it’s only natural that you’d think along those lines, but just how viable is wind power as a solution?

Solar Powered Generator: The Many Benefits And Drawbacks Of This Impressive Solar Driven System

Using gas to fuel your generators can certainly end up being a big discomfort for you as well as for our natural environment. Did you know that gasoline vapors are usually heavier compared to air and that they actually stay on the floor simply waiting around for a spark?

Going Green With Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant barrier insulation has been proven more effective that other, more conventional types of insulation. Nowadays, who doesn’t want to do their part?

Install A Radiant Barrier In Your Home And Go Green

Installing a radiant barrier in your home is one of many energy saving tips. This will not only help conserve energy, but will help you save money.

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