$1,699 48V 50Ah LiFePO4 “Smart” Renogy Battery

$1,699 48V 50Ah LiFePO4 "Smart" Renogy Battery

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Transparency Disclosure: Renogy sent this battery for free, but I am not on contract with them or any other company. Video is not sponsored, beside getting the product for free.
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Tesla Secret To Free Energy

You may have heard about Tesla’s Secret free electricity generator. He amazingly had plans to release this device had his funding not been cut off from investors like JP Morgan.

Easy Renewable Solar Energy at Home for Cheap!

Does Solar Energy within your budget seem impossible to find? Are there reliable ways to do get this done cheaper? Solar heating panels are most suitable for people who are looking for greener ways to power their homes.

Make Your House Smile – 5 Ways to Go Green and Save Money

Your house will not actually smile but you certainly will after you see your energy bills becoming lower and the amazing feeling you will get after discovering how easy it is to play a positive part for the environment while keeping extra money in your pocket. Here are five changes you can make to go green: Cotton Fiber Insulation: This product is made from recycled blue-jeans scraps; is soft and safe to handle and 100% recyclable.

The Evolution Of Wind Power

Wind turbines are devices that convert wind power into mechanical energy and if they are used to convert wind power into electricity, they are called wind generators. Learn how the use of wind power evolved from the simple use for sail to power generating uses.

Synthetic Grass – Green Benefits

With more awareness in creating eco-friendly environment, individuals, house holds, businesses and corporation have turned their life style, which promotes the concept of going green. It had become more common among the companies to take steps to move in the eco-friendly direction, either by converting to solar power or simply using recyclable bags and lot more. All these had made many industries to pop out with the production of several greener alternatives in the recent years.

Make Being Green One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

With a new year, comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. And while many of us fail to fulfil our resolves to quit smoking, ease off the booze, spend more time with the kids, or lose that little bit of weight, there is one resolution we should all be making and trying to stick to: be kinder to the environment. Being a bit more green and eco-friendly will not only benefit the environment and generations to come, but it can in fact, help us save money too.

Information On The Two Types Of Solar Panels And Their Benefits

With the fast depleting resources and the high percentage of all kinds of pollution, the need for alternative power sources has become extremely important. This need has turned out scientist and researchers towards the sun, an unending clean source of light and heat. Using this light and heat to generate energy has taken many years of painstaking research but they have finally managed to utilize the sun. Using solar energy is extremely eco-friendly because there are no harmful by products of this source. The energy is endless and thoroughly clean.

Green Living in the Suburbs

The earth is our home; it is the only home we’ve got. The earth is where we were born, where we raise our kids and where we care for our animals. These reasons alone should be enough to make everyone live a greener lifestyle.

Economizing on Electricity – An Effective Way of Living Green

Part of today’s basic commodity is electricity. With the technological advancements in our society, it has taken its position as one of the necessary means of survival. Unless you are leaving in remote places, you will most likely rely on electricity to go on with daily life.

Green Bags Keep Food Fresh For Longer

Green bags can keep the food and other articles kept inside it fresh for much longer duration in comparison to different types of bags. Many makers of green bag like the Debbie Meyer “Green Bags” market them as food solution for quick-rotting food.

Successfully Making Eco-Friendly Home With Biodegradable Products

World today is running fast and in the fast paced world everything is changing pretty quickly. A few decades ago no one bothered about any eco-friendly home but over the last couple of decades ecological balance has become the concern of every sane man. Everyone is now looking forward to making eco-friendly home and it is possible to create such a home with biodegradable products.

Biodegradable Products Could Be the Answer to Environmental Pollution

Perhaps the greatest concerns for every country in the recent days are the issues relating to environmental pollution. Scientists and administrative authorities are trying to address the problems by combined ventures. On the other hand commercial establishments are coming up with innovative ideas and products befitting the requirements and preference of customers who are steadily turning towards reusable products and biodegradable products that are eco-friendly.

Things You Should Know About Geothermal Energy

An alternative energy source that is often overlooked is geothermal energy. This is a great resource potential and is certainly renewed. In fact, in certain parts of the world a significant proportion of the population receives electricity from geothermal power plants. There is still much work to be done, but before we will be able to exploit the full potential of this valuable resource.

Renewable Energy – Alternative Energy Sources to Consider

Some of the most important things we should do as a society in the coming year are to take advantage of some of the alternative renewable energy sources that exist in the world. Even if we have a lot of technical knowledge to take advantage of resources such as solar and wind power has taken, we do not have to. Reasons are complex and varied, but the bottom line is that unless we start moving in that direction soon, we face a full on energy crisis.

The Best Guide to Make Wind Turbines

More and more people are interested in finding alternative energy sources for their household needs. There are many reasons why this may be helpful for both you and the environment. An alternative energy source you might want to consider is wind. Especially if you want to make wind turbines in itself, this type of system is often cheaper to install than a system for utilizing solar energy and wind power can be a very effective way to drive home cheap while limiting damage to the environment.

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