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The Solar Panel Hosting Company offers a way for everyone to own solar panels in their community. People who have a shaded property, rent a home or apartment, or might move. As a pioneer Hosting Service Provider, SPH is bringing together solar subscribers, property owners, investors, and local solar professionals to build and manage distributed power plants everywhere. This independent company is dedicated to protecting key landscapes through ten principles of responsible solar development.

Photovoltaic solar is the fastest growing industry in America, and community solar is an emerging industry sector. We endeavor to be at the forefront, and work with you every step of the way, whether you are a business, community organization, or municipality. Often, we are helping to create new legislation and policies as the projects are being organized and designed.

Typically, members or “subscribers” come together to own shares in a cooperative or LLC, or purchase a long term lease on panels in a facility owned by a municipal utility. We want to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to be able to subscribe to the sun and achieve ownership.

We have opened a prototype solar garden in Westminster Colorado. As new policies come into place, individuals will own panels on public buildings, local businesses, farms and reclaimed brownfields, and receive incentives as if the panels were on their own homes. Solar homes can expand their systems by hosting panels for others.

Our first solar garden installed! We are working with community and business groups, utilities, and public agencies, forming subscriber groups, and registering sites to be the first solar hosts. We are vendor-neutral and support customer choice of any qualified local installer. A variety of financing methods are becoming available to help both home owners and renters own their own solar panels.

We work with local planners and community organizations to develop distributed energy in a responsible way – a way that fits within both urban and rural environments, a way that respects the land and its people.

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Lots of information at the Solar Gardens Institute website – Blog, FAQ, and a listing of community solar groups.


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